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Foolywang Material


WTF Wayne, Nivea, & Fanny?+It's A Wrap For Remy Ma+Dru Hill Is Picking A New Member+Rihanna Finds A New Color

I guess the rumors about these two were right. Look at the f*ckery that hit up Club Noir in Atlanta last night: Not only did Lil Wayne and Nivea make a boo'd up appearance together, but they did it looking like foolywang material. Boo.

Foolywang Material: Booty Buddies Angel Lola Luv & Buffie The Body

This ish is not a joke:
Apparently Angel Lola Luv has a new movie coming out called Crazy Like A Fox and I'd be surprised if it even makes it to Straight To DVD status. Somebody in the movie studio has to have some sense. But then again... There's really no other way to say it but this ish looks like an extra bad porno you demand a refund and some change for. I'm just sayin'...

Friday Foolywang Material

Because Fridays were made for foolywang material: This type of ish makes my stomach hurt. This video by Shawty Putt called "Dat Baby" is utterly ri-damn-diculous. Of course Lil Jon makes this ish no better. As I do with everything from high ass gas prices to world hunger, I blame BET.

No Panties Coming Off


Guess who's performing semi assed out, but at least still wearing pantyhose and panties...

Foolywang Material: Raven Symone, CoCo-T, & Princess

Photog: Walsh/Wireimage
I never thought I would see the day this chick ended up as foolywang material.  Raven Symone was spotted at a Christian Audigier One World L.A. Fashion Week last night.  And hot damn if her facial expression doesn't look like mine right now.  I know the Christian Audigier wearing folks like to edge it up a bit when rocking his clothes, but this just gets an all around NO MA'AM from me. 

Can This Chick Breathe?+Celebs Do LA Fashion Week

Serena was thisclose to showing her goodies to the folks in New Delhi, India at the HP launch event this weekend.  I hear they stone people for this ish.

Dru Hill Displays B*tchassness

What's REALLY hood Dru Hill?? The group apparently reunited like 5 minutes ago and hit Baltimore's 92Q radio station this morning to announce their official reunited status.