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More Proof Of J-Hud & Punk's Couple Status?

Y'all aint slick Punk and J-Hud
Now we all know a little while back reports were abrewing about Jennifer Hudson dumping her long time janitor boyfriend and soon started dating "Punk" from I Love NY 2. While I'm sure we all wrote all that ish off as just a silly rumor since our little Jenny would never date a VH1 Bafoonery contestant, it's looking more and more true by the minute.

In the Club: Terrence J Gets Chased Out The Club!+Teairra Mari Performs

Once again it looks like BET's Terrence J's smart mouth has gotten him in trouble.  While it looks like things are going to be back to normal over at 106 and Park this week, things weren't gravy back in his second home state of North Carolina this weekend.  Terrence was back in town for a party at UNC Chapel Hill when he let the liquor do the talking for him.  Sources tell TheYBF.com he had clearly downed too many cups of crunk juice when the foolishness began.  Terrence popped off at the mouth at another club goer and a fight began to break out with Terrence as the target.  As you can see in the pic above, his BFF Fred and security were trying to defuse the situation to no avail.  And in the b*tchass move of the day, the other person chased him out the club while security tried to get involved.  Terrence then hid out in his car looking scared for the rest of the night.  Why he stayed there is beyond me but I have a feeling it was because his sloppy drunk self couldn't drive. Tisk tisk Terrence.  Sadly, nothing about this situation surprises me.
Pic via So Real Ink

Pics of Teairra Mari performing for the ESPYs afterparty when you read the rest...

Rumor Control: Rocsi Suspended?!+Michelle Obama's A "Non Exclusive" AKA?+Chris Webber Is NOT Married?

Things just got interesting over at 106 & Park. Sources tell me Rocsi has indeed gotten suspended after this past Friday's walk off/on air fallout with her co-host Terrence J and won't be back on the air for a while....if ever. Yesterday Keri Hilson filled in as co-host and it seemed like it came as a surprise to Terrence. He made sure to drop comments like "Well it looks like I don't have a co-host today" and "Keri, I din't know you'd be here the whole show today" and "I had some serious female problems this weekend". Hmmmm. And it looks like Terrence is going to be hosting alone yet again this week as the next installment of the show was just taped with LL Cool J, Tiffany Evans, and Nas and Rocsi was nowhere in sight:

Very interesting. Can't say I'll be sad to see her go but damn--who woulda thought it would have ended like this? Dish on Michelle O. and Chris Webber when you read the rest...

Teairra Mari's New Leaked Track "Find My Way"...And Her Official New Man Lil Wayne?

Barack Shuts Down Interviews With His Girls+Video Chicks Fight On Weezy's Set

Barack Obama gave Access Hollywood the priviledge of interviewing his most prized possessions--his YBF daughters Malia and Sasha--recently for a 4 part series that kicked off last night.  Both he and Michelle have been extra hesitant to expose their girls to the media in ways such as this, so this was an interesting surprise.  Apparently, Barack and Michelle mainly allowed it because it was Malia's 10th birthday. Howev

Seen & Heard At Essence Fest

YBF was on the scene at Essence Fest '08 in New Orleans this weekend and caught up with all kinds of celebs backstage, in the audience, around town, and in the VIP sections....especially when they thought no one was watching.


Oh Keyshia.  Now y'all know I have mad love for my girl Key Key...hood fab diva antics and all.  However, she showed out this weekend and proved that ish is not just for tv.  After media folks waited for her in the press room for a few hours before she took the stage Sunday night, she made media sources pissy because she decided not to stop in simply because she "didn't feel like it".  Pretty much every other celeb stopped in--including Mary J.  Funny, since Keyshia was scheduled to do the press room and also made a point to visit with other media like Access Hollywood.  Mmhmm.  And even when folks were ready to cut the chick some slack on that, she didn't even want photogs or fans taking her pics or speaking to her while she watched the show from the celeb VIP mini stage backstage.  Chick even threw her hands in the air to shoo folks away from her and kept telling people "Stop looking at me"--while she was sitting in the middle of the backstage area on a raised platform with her puppy barking away. I still gots love for you though Key Key. I did hear that they were taping scenes for her reality show so it looks like another season of Keyshia, Frankie, and Neffe may be a go.    More dish on Beyonce, Lebron James and his groupie love, and Sanaa and her man when you read the rest...  

Weezy Cheating His Canadian Fans?