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Weezy Cheating His Canadian Fans?

Gossip Bits: Miss Jones Is Out At Hot 97!+Alicia Keys Retiring At 30?

I know some folks who are going to love this news.  The infamous Miss Jones of "Jonesy" in the Morning  is over and done with NY's Hot 97 station as of July 21st.  And she's being replaced by Big Boy and his "Neighborhood" crew. In a press release sent out to select media on Friday, here's the statement given in regards to the morning show change up: On Monday, July 21, Emmis rhythmic WQHT (Hot 97)/New York will make a rare move in morning drive. Current morning show "Miss Jones in the Morning" will be replaced by current Hot 97 part-time on-air personalities Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg (5-7 a.m.) and ABC Radio Networks' "Big Boy's Neighborhood" (7-10 a.m.). Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg have spent several months on-air together hosting a morning show from 8-10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and they have also worked on-air at Hot 97 separately. About the upgrade to a.m. drive, Rosenberg says, "Mom will be proud. It is every Jewish mother's dream to have her son do mornings on Hot 97." Cipha Sounds, who also hosts "The Cipha Sounds Effect w/Angela Yee" weekday mornings from 8 a.m.-noon on Sirius' Shade 45, added, "This sounds cool to me." About the addition of the "Neighborhood," PD Ebro Darden says, "Big Boy has an unmatched reputation for being entertaining. He also has great relationships with artists. Putting Big Boy on Hot 97 in New York City helps keep the high standard of radio happening for us." Rumors are swirling that she was fired because she messed with the wrong person this time around and people aren't trying to put up with her foolishness, ignorant comments/actions on air, and smartassness anymore.  Other rumors say she left on her own because she wants to spend more time with her kids.  And still, other rumors say she's moving over to Philly's Power 99.   Whatev.  Congrats to Big Boy! News on Alicia Keys when you read the rest...

Gossip Bits: Lil Mama Demanding Free Stuff?+Tracey Morgan Throws A Tantrum+ "Snoop" B*tch Slaps Da Brat?

YBF snitches on the scene of the BET Oasis Spa Lounge Sunday afternoon report that Lil Mama has some diva tendencies.  While said source and other folks at the event were trying to enjoy their mani/pedis and massages, Lil Mama starting yelling out diva demands about what she wanted.  The lounge was for cleebs and media to come through for a complimentary spa treatment but Ms. Bo Peep, who was actually greedy enough to get all spa treatments instead of one, was too busy yelling at the staffers for not giving her the right kind of juice.  She barked orders at the staff to get her a glass of cold Orange Juice ASAP...and demanded that it be free on top of all that. Times are rough for those who sell only a few thousand albums.  And again, it is a recession peoples. Gossip on Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and Tracey Morgan when you read the rest...

Hate To Say I Told You So

Keyshia Cole's New Teeth...And Diva Antics

Keyshia Cole's Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress wasn't the only new thing she was rocking last night:

Click pic for much larger image
Mama got a brand new pair of veneers!

She's actually had them for a few months now, but has just recently started to be less shy about showing them off. And at last night's Toyota and ESSENCE If Looks Could Kill fashion event with Kanye's ex Alexis, she did just that. I guess Key Key was over the chiclet gap toothed look that she was seemingly trying to make her signature. I will say she's looking more and more fab every time I see her. And maybe those new veneers got to her head as she's still on the diva antics tip. YBF was on the scene at last night's event in the NYC where Keyshia was a performer, and the host of the show gave her a chance to put herself in check real quick. Not only did Keyshia show up extra late to the event, she demanded that no media do interviews of her--just photos. Y'all know Key Key is known to get on her divalicious high horse at times. But the host wasn't having it and killed her with kindness saying how great it is that her second album was at the top.  Ms. Cole humbled herself pretty quickly--saying that it wasn't "on top" just yet but she was on her way. More pics of Keyshia's new teeth when you read the rest...

Timbaland Gets Hitched+Kimora's Not A Diva+The Cannons Want Wedding Gifts+Janet Cancels Euro Tour

Timbaland's finally jumped the broom. He and his publicist Monique Idlett tied the knot--in their sweats--in his home state of Virginia yesterday. Reportedly they're getting hitched again in a formal ceremony in Aruba June 22nd. They're baby girl Reign was born last year and Timbo popped the question at Monique's baby shower. Cute.

Reggie Bush's Side Chick Asked To Do A Tell All?

The YBF reported a few weeks ago that a tv producer named Najmah Brown is/was Reggie Bush's alleged side chick. She even reportedly got into a catfight with Khloe Kardashian--Reggie's girlfriend Kim Kardashian's sister--at a party a few weeks ago. But now sources tell me that a few of the tabloids caught on to the story and even got their own sources to confirm that Najmah and Reggie have/had a little something going on. And Najmah has been offered a pretty penny by the tabs to dish her whole story to them. I'm told she has turned down the offers--likely due to her wanting to keep her professional credibility in the industry. But who knows what she'll do if the price gets even more right. More on this story when you read the rest...