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Mary J. Blige Confirms The Bigga Wedding?

Jay-Z and MJB's Heart Of The City Tour continued last night in Greensboro, NC. And loyal YBF readers filled my inbox with the news that Mary "confirmed" the insanity that is the Beyonce and Jay-Z wedding hoopla. After they opened the concert together, Jay left the stage so Mary could perform her solo act.

Bigga "Wedding" Updates From The Inside

Sources are reporting the goings on from inside the wedding/party spots. There were gorgeous flowers, family, and friends.

YBF Exclusive: Proof That The Beyonce/Jay-Z Wedding Hoopla Is A Hoax?

Beyonce and Jay-Z punking us?
Stop the mutha f**kin' presses! TheYBF.com sources are still on the Manhattan scene tonight and have uncovered some very interesting info. Three vans have been suspiciously parked right in the midst of the Noho area all day. Noho is not too far from Tribeca, which is the area of Jay-Z's apartment building with the suspect tents on the roof we have been suspecting will be the site of the wedding reception/party. (Or even possibly the wedding location if the wedding party is trying to throw us off by getting caught entering the Bloomberg Building across town instead.)
So what's so special about these three vans? Thanks to some fabulous connections, TheYBF.com has learned that all three vans are registered to Katalyst Films. Ironically, Katalyst Films is the production company of several of Ashton Kutcher's projects, including--of course--Punk'd (when it still taped) and The Real Wedding Crashers. And not to mention his new show Katalyst Films quite possibly has a hand-Pop Fiction. [Insert "Oh sh*t" here.] How convenient. In case you've been living under a rock, you know that Pop Fiction is a show where celebs punk the media by staging something gossip worthy and they all just watch the media frenzy ensue. We, along with other folks, have been suspecting all day that this whole wedding could be a huge set up. But it also seems very unlikely that these two would do a show like Pop Fiction and this would be way more intricate of a plan than they usually do, but you never know. After all this drama, this ish better be real. And not just real Pop Fiction either. Videos of an alleged Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z entering his apartment building tonight, dressed for the occasion, when you read the rest...

YBF Exclusive: Flicks From The Scene Of Rumorville

Bigga Wedding Watch 2008 continues. YBF NY Correspondents are on the job this evening on Hudson St. These are some images from this evening outside of Jay-Z's apartment, an unconfirmed Beyonce Look-a-like inside of a blacked out SUV, and the illusive white tent on his rooftop: More pics when you read the rest..

Aww Shuckey Duckey

Looks like Bigga Wedding Watch '08 is still in full effect. Sources are reporting that teams are setting up tents on Hudson St. in NY that interestingly have the Roman Numeral IV (4 for the slow folks) on them. 195 Hudson St. to be exact I hear. They might try to pass this off, though, as a celebration for Jay's new deal with Live Nation.

So What's Really Hood With The Alleged Bigga Wedding?

Rumors of wedding colors, attire, location, and more are circulating heavy as all hell today about the alleged Jay-Z and Beyonce wedding. Reports said that today (4/4) is indeed the wedding date, and a prominent source in Beyonce's camp allegedly confirmed last night that a wedding is indeed taking place today. Damn. Said source even gave details that the wedding guests were told to only wear ivory, it's taking place in NY, the location was not written on the invitations, and it will be a small private affair with a several celebrity guests including the Williams sisters. Kelly Rowland was in London all week, but conveniently is back in the states today. And chick posted a Youtube video today...randomly chillin' with Michelle on the vid as well...being uncharacteristically extra vague and giggly about their current location. The video and more when you read the rest...

Updates On All Of Destiny's Chil'ren

Purely because I have to perform my gossiply duties: Sources are buzzing that Bigga is jumping the bedazzled broom this Friday (4/4). They have less than 60 days now to actually get married if the reports of them filing a marriage license on April Fool's Day were true. Where did folks get this Friday as the set date? Because they seemed "happy" when they filed the marriage license, both Jay and Bey's birthdays fall on the 4th of a month (12/4 and 9/4 respectively), April is the 4th month of the year, both of them have the number 4 tattooed on their hands, yada yada. I say it's all bullsh*t until they release their very own wedding favor Jay and Bey Wedding Duets cd we all know is coming.