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Yesterday I had the fabulous opportunity to chit chat with the extremely talented sexiness that is Maxwell.  And before I could even drop my "stan moment" on him telling him how much of a fan I was, he was divulging his love for YBF for the past 4 years...and the readers.  He had me at "I mean, I've had my foolywang moments too."  Yes, ladies, he's just as charming, genuine, and engaging as his voice makes us believe on any of his songs.  After some serious chit chat about nothing music related and everything admiration related, we got down to business.  Check out the interview:

Natasha/YBF: First of all Maxwell, people are wondering what happened at Essence Fest? {laughs} The Superdome was packed waiting for you to headline and it took a LONG time for your set to start. No one knew if you were going to show up. {laughs} Maxwell: Oh no! {laughs} What was I supposed to do—tell the great Anita to get off the stage? {laughs} She taught me how to sing. Gotta let her do what she do, you know? And then on our end, we had technical difficulties and were really trying to get out there as soon as possible. I knew it wasn’t the MAXWELL Fest, it was just things happening out of my control. And it was definitely all good once your set started. So, what made you decide to make another album after you’ve been away so long? I was working on it all through those years. “Pretty Wings” even started in 2002. You always have to wait for life to inspire you. You know, I got involved in a relationship that spurred up some stuff. So I wanted to write about it. When you look at the music world, our energy is coming back and coming together again. Music execs vs. artists is the way it was when I left. People were at odds and things like that. But now we’re back. And I enjoyed my time away. I actually had time to myself. I mean, I applaud the people who do music and movies and books and fashion lines—I’m just not that guy. {laughs} I just stick to what I do best. And I’m so grateful people waited. Women love your songs, especially the YBF women. How is it that you manage to connect with them so easily? Well I got a little doggy dog in me too. {laughs} I throw a bit of it in my show. But as for the music, you don’t want to put anything in music that is dated. So when you’re ready to release it, you still want it to have legs. I try to do things that are timeless. It’s not about trends, or the era, or what’s “in” at the moment. Read the Rest--Maxwell talks about which young artists he has admiration for, his muse, his inspirations...and of course, a peek into his intimate love life.

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Kandi Burruss Dishes On Her Mom's Beef With Her Fiance

kandi burruss and a.j.

VIDEO FAB: Drake's Personal Side+CoCo & Ice-T Heart YBF

Check out this new video of Drake speaking to Darius Brown of ABC News about his new deal with Universal, Rihanna, his divorced parents, and everything that came with that album deal. He's retaining complete ownership of his catalogs and other important things. Smart dude.

EXCLUSIVE: Solange Shopping Her Own Show & Wants Teens To "Stay Alive"

We had the chance to catch up with Solange in NYC this morning as she lent her voice to the Staying Alive Foundation's campaign to SAY YES to safe sex.  She was tapped by MTV to become an ambassador and was happy to say YES.  YBF's New York Correspondent Kimberly chatted with Ms. Knowles about her involvement with the campaign, her experiences learning about sex as a teen, and her upcoming career moves... On learning about sex at a young age: [My and Beyonce's] parents did a great job of giving us the real deal Holyfield on sex and allowing us to make decisions on our own. I was 13 when my parents first sat me down to discuss sex. And it was a very good age for me. But, it may be necessary to talk to my son at an even earlier age since kids are now having sex in Jr. High. I definitely understand that friends are the biggest influences on children and sex needs to be addressed by parents early. Solange's advice about teaching and learning about sex: You need to have the conversation before it’s too late. Talk about expectations and have that initial conversation before deciding to engage in sex. Solange on the music industry's sexual responsibility: In my own videos, I don't necessarily make a conscious effort to abstain from “oversexed” videos. The music that I put out--I want it to be a real portrayal of myself. And to be bikini clad is just not who I am. Artistry is true expression and I do not expect every artist to be a role model, everyone makes mistakes and some don’t even practice what they preach verbatim. The past ten years artists have received a bad rep for letting our music stand for something, but we are now becoming more conscious of what we put out and our lyrics and I credit Obama and the recent election for that change, our lyrics should stand for something. About her video for "T.O.N.Y.": I wrote it because so many of my friends had their own “TONY” in their lives. The video that was put out was not the final version and leaked to the media long before it was done. The song is about dealing with pregnancy and learning to find love in other areas. On the career moves she's making now: I'm currently developing a show with "The Game's" producer Mara Brock Akil. It's based on the reality of my life. We're still shopping the show around. I used to say yes to every acting project but now it's important that I only take on projects that will maker me think and grow and will motivate and inspire others. More pics and interview bits when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z Talks With YBF About Business

Jay-Z and Lisa Price shout out TheYBF.com--Watch in HD here.

Jay-Z was here in D.C. all week and TheYBF.com had the fabulous opportunity to have a one-on-one in-person chat with Mr.

YBF Exclusive: Guess The Present/Former Boy Bander!

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Guess who used to be the divatastic member of a former group called Jelly Bean?

YBF Interview: T.I. and T.I.P.

I sat down with T.I. recently and had some fun times talking about the T.I. v. T.I.P. hoopla.