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Lady Lumps


MIDNIGHT FOOLERY: Really Bobby Valentino?

Keeping with this year's "I hope my naked flicks up my Google search rating" theme, singer Bobby Valentino is the newest dude to hop on the bandwagon. His pissed ex-girlfriend reportedly "leaked" these half naked pics of Bobby in a hotel room about to get it in with his naked groupies. What Bobby doesn't realize is, no amount of thirsty groupie love put on display is going to make bump him up off the Z list.  I mean....really.   But it will provide good late night sh*ts and giggles for the gossip folks. Pics via Freddy o The rest of the pics after the cut...

EVENING SWEXY: Naomi Gets Naked For LOVE+The Saints March Into Miami

Naomi Campbell is one of the many sexy nude cover models for the upcoming March 2010 issue of LOVE mag.   No clue what the purpose of it is, but who needs one when you look like this?

And speaking of swexy, Reggie Bush and the N.O. Saints arrived into Miami today.   Looking dapper and scrumptious as usual... More pics when you read the rest...

SPOTTED: Christina Milian's Bumpalicious Baby Bod

One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong

Curtis...you are NOT the father!  So......50 Cent did a VitaminWater photoshoot yesterday with some other peoples' babies.  Why do I find this pic to be the funniest ish this early in the morn?  Whose babies are these and how are they about to fit into a photoshoot or commercial for VitaminWater with Curtis Jackson??  Hilarious thoughts running through my head... UPDATE: Ok, it makes sense now. This is for an IPhone app in conjunction with VitaminWater:
Still funny. In other displaced news...

Ice-T and CoCo-T attended a classy event last night for JM magazine launch at La Pomme in NYC.  This ish just looks painful at this point girl.  But do what you do.... More after the cut....

ON BLAST!: Aaron Reid & His "Wee-Wee"!

Leona Lewis' Attacker CHARGED & REVEALED+Tamala Jones Regrets Her Breast Implants

Tyra's A RICH Chick+Is Nicki Minaj's Ass Fake?

Yeah...we'd be smiling too if we raked in $30 mill last year.  Tyra Banks is officially the richest woman in primetime televison.  According to MSNBC, her daytime talk show, her acting gigs and other shows that fall under her Bankable Productions company brought in 30 millie: “America’s Next Top Model’s” Tyra Banks, who lands atop our list with estimated earnings of $30 million durin