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Lady Lumps


DO WE LOVE IT?: Christina Milian's Red Carpet Preggers Look

Trouble Makers: Serena Williams & Oprah?

Uh-oh. Serena's naked ESPN pics make cause her to lose her tennis title and some mula: While fans are loving the open stance of the tennis ace, the International Tennis Federation is not amused. The ITA is contemplating stripping the world no. 1 of her berth in the 2010 Australian Open. Further, she can be banned and fined $500,000.
Another pic from the issue:

Serena said in the issue:
“My thighs… I think they’re too big. And also my arms are too muscular. They’re too thick,” said Serena, adding that women should know that they could be any size, and yet “be beautiful both inside and out.”
Well bravo to her for being real but brave at the same time. News on Oprah and the mile-high club when you read the rest...

Serena Gets Nekkid For ESPN+HIP HOP NEWS: Jim Jones, Beyonce On Kanye, Jay-Z, & XXL's Def Jam Cover

Common's girl Serena Williams is showing alllll her ass-ets on the new cover of ESPN magazine. I mean...really. Can anybody be mad at her for it?

Jim Jones was spotted leaving the Manhattan courthouse yesterday.  He had just admitted to punching a friend of Ne-Yo's (Jayvon Smith) the face in a Louis Vuitton store during a scuffle that erupted back in December.  Jimmy pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in his Dec. 22 dustup with Javon at the LV store on 5th Ave. Jimmy was all smiles though because he was sentenced to time served the few hours he was in custody after turning himself in to police in January.  That slap on the wrist was a rough sentence...

Beyonce finally spoke out about the Kanye/VMAs  incident.  After receiving her Billboard Woman of the Year 2009 Award a few days ago, Gayle King interviewed her in front of the audience where she gave her take on what happened that night:

Well, I knew his intentions, and I knew he was standing up for art; and he told me before, when they said the nominees, he's like, 'You have this award,'" Beyoncé told O: The Oprah Magazine editor Gayle King after accepting her award. "And when they didn't call my name he was, like, completely shocked. And when he walked on the stage, I was like, 'No, no, no!' and then he spoke, and I was like, 'Oh, no, no, no!' "But in the end, it ended up being a great night, and Taylor Swift did get her moment — and I didn't have to make an acceptance speech."

Here's video of B accepting her Award and her sit down with Gayle. More with Jay-Z and Def Jam's hip hop heads when you read the rest...

PARIS FASHION WEEK: Rihanna Gets Strapped Up & Assed Out+Naomi Gets Nippley

Rihanna popped up front row for the the Jean-Paul Gaultier Pret a Porter show in Paris today. And look what the little missy's rocking:

A bra baring extra strappy S&M looking top with a victorian collar and black liquid pants.  And new Louboutin blue and black suede booties.  Interesting.  Her BFF Katy Perry was there too and they kicked it with the designer himself. And yesterday at the Maison Martin Margiela show:

She mixed it up with a black and white mini dress from Martin Margiela of course.

Oh hi Rihanna's ass. More pics of Rih and NSFW pics of Naomi Campbell when you read the rest...

Where Are Your Pasties Rihanna?+Halle Tries To Hide Her Baby Belly?+Day 26's Willie In Nude Scandal...Again

Rih Rih was just spotted on her way to eat at Da Silvano's in NYC. And decided to leave her bra...and pasties...at home despite rocking a sheer black tank:

Well that's an attention grabber.  More pics under the cut...

And yet again...Willie Taylor of Day 26 is in a nude pic scandal. A nudie pic--showing ALL the goods--was "hacked" from his girlfirend/wife? Nyanna's computer and blasted on the net. Last time this happened, his people said it was photoshopped and fake. But this new pic he has a different statement:
"It has been brought to my attention that private and personal photos of mine are currently circulating the web. As a man that is barely home with his family, my wife and I share some intimate moments the best way that we can. It is incredibly disturbing that someone with bad intentions would illegally hack into my email account and distribute these private moments to the world. I ask that everyone respect the privacy of my family. Also, I offer my sincere apologies to my fans."
*clutches pearls* Check the scandalicious very much NSFW pic here. I warned ya... Willie just Tweeted: Im So sorry to all my fans, ya'll know me better then that!!! Im not home alot and that was a way we kept the excitement in our relationship, some hater hacked her email and tried to share my privacy. Meanwhile, over in L.A., Halle was spotted leaving her home trying to cover up her belly with an oversized purse:

I thought the baby secret was already out. She did the same thing with Baby #1 so I'm not surprised.... More NSFW Rihanna pics under the jump...

FLIX: Amber Shows Her Rosey Goodies On Miami Beach With Kanye

Miami Beach just got a bit more naked.  Kanye and Amber Rose were spotted by the paparazzi yesterday sun tanning.  And clearly Amber didn't want many tan lines.  She went topless and the paps went berserk:

The two got all kissy and cuddly.

And 'Ye wasn't feeling all the attention.  May I suggest your shaven blonde girlfriend not going 99% naked on a well known paparazzi-ridden beach then?  Just trying to help... More pics when you read the rest....

TWITTERIFIC: Teyana Taylor, Chris Brown, & Omarion Have An Ab-Off

Not sure what the conversation was that went down before they starting taking these pics to post on the net, but Teyana Taylor, Chris Brown, Omarion, and their homie Alycia Bellamy all decided to show off their ab work for their "fans":

I guess this is what BFF's do huh Chris and Teyana? *side eye* More pics when you read the rest....