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Legal Woes


CANDID FAB: Amber Rose, Queen Latifah, & Kim & Nene Make Up

Kanye's girl Amber Rose flirted with the boys and girls while Kanye's away:

No harm done though--it was her friends and stylist Congo Green (top pic on left) party at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Philly.  Awww isn't that sweet of her to rock a "K" ring fo rher boo.  Yeah...

Speaking of 'Ye, he's been reportedly cleared of all assault charges from that following a scuffle with a photographer at LA International airport on September 11, 2008.

Queen Latifah was spotted leaving Urth Cafe after a workout in Hollywood this morning. And if things couldn't get more fake about those ATL Housewives:

Looks like Kim and NeNe "made up" after having dinner at Mr. Chow in LA last night.  Whatevs. More pics of these folks when you read the rest...

BREAKING: Lil Wayne Pleads GUILTY To Gun Charges!

Lil Wayne's DNA Woes+Teyana Taylor Reps For Breezy+T-Boz Held Clive Davis At Gunpoint?!

Yesterday, Lil Wayne was seen entering and leaving Manhattan Supreme Court as his future is now hanging on a controversial DNA technique. It uses a miniscule number of cells to ID a suspect -- a test that critics slam as quick and dirty and unreliable. A hearing began yesterday in a Manhattan court on the scientific status of the daring technique -- so-called touch DNA testing -- although the rapper's trial on illegal gun possession charges won't start until Jan. 20. Police pulled over the 27-year-old rapper's tour bus in Columbus Circle on July 22, 2007, saying they had seen and smelled marijuana smoke wafting out the door before the bus left a concert venue minutes earlier. They said as an officer approached, the rapper tossed away a Louis Vuitton bag containing the gun. On another note, reports say Weezy is going to plead guilty and be forced to plead out a jail term. Damn.
Source: Splash News

So T-Boz hit up "The Mo'Nique Show" this week. And she revealed that back when she and TLC were going through their bankruptcy issues in the shady music biz, she lost it at one point and held her boss Clive Davis at gun point! Only getting $50,000--split 3 ways--when CrazySexyCool made $75 mill will make a sista wild the hell out. Check it. Teyana Taylor speaks on Chris Breezy when you read the rest...

WEEKEND FOOLISHNESS: DMX, Ocho Cinco, Jermaine Jackson, & Steve McNair

It's like Groundhog's Day with DMX and the police. Here's video of X getting to a serious scuffle with the cops in Colorado Springs, CO this weekend. Here's what went down: DMX was scheduled to perform at 9pm last night. However, he didn't show up to the venue until after 11pm. Likely due to ordinance and noise curfews...or maybe because they just said so...X couldn't take the stage. The police attempted to prevent X, his chick, and his crew from entering the venue where the crowd was and from going on stage because they were hella late. X got all the way to the stage and was being physically pulled between his camp and 5-0. A riot damn near occurred in the crowd. No word yet on how this ended. Foolery was ensuing though.... EDIT: Some folks are reporting that the club promoter set DMX up to be late.

Damn homie. NFL baller Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has been accused of writing bad checks to women in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York , Miami and New Orleans. We're told most of the girls are embarrassed to confront him about the checks...until recently. A woman named Courtney Collins put Mr. Johnson on blast via Twitter and she wants everyone to know about it. She said:

"Who knew people of his caliber wouldn't have money in a bank account to cover a check that was written by Mr. Chad Johnson." Is Chad just stopping payments to these chicks he's been writing checks to as payment for their "company"? Or is homeboy just passing out these hot checks to the unsuspecting women? Either way...WTF material indeed. More foolery under the cut...

TIDBITS: American Music Awards, Soulja Boy, Toni Braxton, & Ray-J

Michael Jackson raked in 5  American Music Award nominations.  They were just announced yesterday and Beyonce and T.I. both copped 3.  Jay-Z came with 2.  You can check out all the nods right here and vote for your faves.

Soulja Boy Tell'em is back in trouble.  His L.A. apartment landlord--SB's lived there less than a year--sent him a letter telling his he's in violation of his lease since he has like 10 cars taking over Guest Parking and has been getting too many noise violations.  You can only have 2 guests at a time.  Soulja also apparently owes almost $10,000 in rent that he hasn't paid.  Sounds like he needs to fire whoever is handling his books. More after the cut...

Trouble Makers: Serena Williams & Oprah?

Uh-oh. Serena's naked ESPN pics make cause her to lose her tennis title and some mula: While fans are loving the open stance of the tennis ace, the International Tennis Federation is not amused. The ITA is contemplating stripping the world no. 1 of her berth in the 2010 Australian Open. Further, she can be banned and fined $500,000.
Another pic from the issue:

Serena said in the issue:
“My thighs… I think they’re too big. And also my arms are too muscular. They’re too thick,” said Serena, adding that women should know that they could be any size, and yet “be beautiful both inside and out.”
Well bravo to her for being real but brave at the same time. News on Oprah and the mile-high club when you read the rest...

Mya & Prince Out & About+Updates On Marlon Wayans & Chris Rock's Lawsuit

Mya was spotted having a night out last night at CoCo Deville nightclub for her birthday:

The "Dancing With The Stars" queen turns 30 on Saturday. And Prince is still over in Paris taking in the shows:

He hit up John Galliano yesterday.  Nice. More when you read the rest...