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Legal Woes


The Carters Hit The Stage...And Put That Club Owner On Blast

Beyonce Sasha Fierce has just kicked off the U.S. leg of her "I Am" tour.  And this weekend she performed at Madison Square Garden...with a "surprise" appearance from her hubby Jay-Z:

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Beyonce Getting Sued By Club Owner?+Jamie Foxx Hits 106 & Park

Beyoncé was slated to perform at Manhattan night spot M2 tomorrow night, but now she's canceling the gig despite having signed a contract. She was being paid $200k to perform and make an appearance, but B says she's too busy preparing for her U.S. leg of the "I Am..." tour to perform at the club. She said, instead, she would make an "appearance." The club owner Joey Morrison is extra pissy because he's already shelled out $100k in preparations. He tells the NY Post:
"I mean, we sold tables for thousands of dollars for the show, and spent $100,000 renting a soundboard and other equipment, as per their stipulations. What good does her showing up for an hour do me? They've been totally unwilling to agree to another show." "We had an overwhelming response from our clubgoers, who were lining up to buy tickets and tables. This will come as a great disappointment to all of them," he claims, adding, "If Beyoncé cancels and doesn't give us a new date, this hurts our credibility in night life."
Morrissey says he's now preparing to file suit against Beyoncé, claiming his place has suffered a "loss of reputation" in addition to the sunk cash. Damn. Jamie Foxx hit up "106 & Park" last night to pub the upcoming BET Awards he's hosting next weekend:

Is this the swag surfing the kids are doing these days? More pics of Jamie cuttin' up when you read the rest...

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Kelis Is Demanding $80K A Month+Beyonce Tour News+The Lakers Celebrate Their Championship

Well Kelis has taken her case of brokeassness to the courts. She filed her expenses in court docs today to prove why she needs the money Nas is refusing to give her for baby expenses and living expenses. According to TMZ: Kelis says from 11/08 to 4/09, her average monthly income was $21,616. Hardly poor, but way less than what she and Nas were pulling in while she was with him. Kelis, who is ready to give birth, has some pretty hefty expenses -- $80,831 a month ... way more than she says she makes. Kelis says she hasn't toured in a year and most of her income comes from her concerts. Kelis says she spends $14,861 on her mortgage. Her nanny costs $3,500 a month. She spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations -- not too shabby. And she says it cost $175 to have the "baby rug dry cleaned." So Ke Ke hasn't made over $20k in a month, but needs $80k for her mortgage and nanny and rug cleaning for her unborn baby. Can't wait to see how the judge rules on this one....

Girl group Rich Girl has just been confirmed to open for Beyonce's U.S. leg of her I Am tour. Definitely a surprising choice.... Pics from the Lakers congratulatory parade today when you read the rest...

Rihanna Gets Sued, Then Hits The Harlem Streets

The courtroom drama just keeps piling up on Rih Rih. Her L.A. neighbor Christian Moeller--who designs spaces for The W Hotel in Hollywood--says she's been trampling all over his lawn and is allowing others to do the same with their cars. Rihanna rents her home from a Stephen Yacobian, and while Stephen had the right to use Moeller's outdoor lawn property a while back, Moeller's claiming Rih Rih doesn't now. According to TMZ: Rihanna rents a home owned by Stephen Yacobian, whose house is next door to Moeller's. Moeller gave Yacobian an easement -- the right to drive cars on a portion of Moeller's property. But two years ago, Yacobian renovated the property and the easement wasn't really being used. To make matters a lot worse, since Rihanna moved in she's been allowing cars to drive on Moeller's lawn to get to her driveway... and the suit claims sometimes the cars just sit there on the lawn. So Moeller wants the easement eliminated. As for Rihanna, Moeller is suing her for allowing people and cars to trespass on his property. Womp. More pics of Rihanna out and about today in NYC when you read the rest...

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