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Legal Woes


Baller Drama: Charles Barkley Cops DWI!+Larry Fitzgerald Beats Down Baby Mama!

Was it THAT hot in Scottsdale last night? Not sure WTF is wrong with athletes and former athletes this week.  But drama has ensued: Charles Barkley decided to get behind the wheel last night in Scottsdale, AZ after having some drinks.  He was pulled over, cited for a DWI, taken into

Afternoon Tidbits: John Legend & Christine Sit Courtside+Stephon Marbury's Shoe Drama

John Legend and his girlfriend Christine were spotted in the stands at the Knicks v.

Legal Updates: William Balfour & Hudson Family Tragedy Case+Plaxico Burress+Morgan Freeman

William Balfour, Jennifer Hudson's ex brother-in-law who is accused of killing three members of Jennifer's family, did so supposedly because he was angry Julia Hudson was dating another man. Balfour had previously warned Julia he would harm her family if she dated the other man, prosecutors claimed in court yesterday. And on the day of the killings he allegedly again warned his estranged wife about dating the other man, after seeing a birthday gift from him. The details emerged as Balfour appeared in court yesterday in Cook County, Illinois. At the hearing, Judge Raymond Myles denied him bail.  His mother Michelle Davis-Balfour and sister (we think) Dawn Davis were both there. Essence.com reports that Jennifer is doing extremely well for the circumstances and close family friends say she has become the rock of the family.  She cooked Thanksgiving dinner for everybody and got everyone through her late mother's birthday which would have been last month.  Keep your head up Jenny. Updates on Morgan Freeman and Plaxico Burress when you read the rest...

Legal Woes: Chris Brown & Rihanna Sued For $1 Mill+Gary Coleman Settles Bowling Brawl Suit

Rihanna and Chris Brown are being sued for $1 million by a photographer who was allegedly beaten and robbed by the singers' bodyguards. Luis Santana, 25, was left battered and bruised after being attacked as he tried to take photographs outside Vintage Ultra nightclub back in May in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he was working for a local newspaper. Chris was celebrating his birthday.

Michael Vick Gets A Break+Whitney's New Legal Drama

According to reports, Michael Vick pleaded guilty on those dog fighting charges just as planned yesterday. The pleas cleared the only outstanding charges against Vick, a move that could lead to an early release from prison to a halfway house. Federal law prohibits prisoners from being released to a halfway house if they have charges pending. Vick could be released to a federal halfway house up to six months early.

Legal Woes: Michael Vick & Bryant Gumbel's Son

Michael Vick may be released from the slammer way sooner than everyone thought. Sources are reporting that if he goes through with pleading guilty tomorrow as planned to those dogfighting charges, he could get himself out of federal prison and into a halfway house. He's back in VA now to face charges tomorrow.

Nick & Mariah: Let's Talk About Sex+William Balfour To Remain In Lock Up

Mariah says she withheld the punani from Mr. Cannon until they got married.  They "met" in February, married in April, and she says she remained a born-again virgin until she was officially Mrs. Cannon:
"It's not that we had NO intimacy, we just didn't have complete intimacy. It's just me, and my feelings. "I definitely don't want to push it on anybody else.