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Lil Wayne Is A No-Show...Again!

Once again Lil Wayne has skipped out on a show with no warning or reason. He was set to perform in Nassau, Bahamas this past weekend and didn't. The host of the concert says that he was indeed on the island, but he was "being a prick about performing". No word on whether his absence was money related. But yet again, he left his fans sorely disappointed. YBF sources in the Bahamas tell me that people even bought $20,000 suites at the venue Wayne was supposed to perform at. And the promotion company hosting the concert, Red Tottle Red City Entertainment, is not giving any refunds to anyone as of yesterday. Damn! So of course, the Bahamians are in an uproar right now and are protesting against the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. A copy of the press release from the entertainment promotions company when you read the rest...
Pic: Mazur

Nightcap: Beyonce Spotted On The Set Of Obsessed+Jill Scott's Engaged!

Beyonce was spotted on the set of her new movie Obsessed in L.A. with Idris Elba:

It's a thriller movie and is due out February of next year.  Beyonce is playing "Beth Charles" *side eye at "Beth"* and Idris is playing "Derek Charles".  Anyways,  I guess this is why she's been in L.A. so much recently. More pics and news on Jill Scott's engagement when you read the rest...

Janet & JD Prepare For Baby+Other Ish

Jermaine Dupri is telling folks he and Janet are going to get pregnant and have a baby soon.  Like, real soon.  Right after her tour is over to be exact.  This ought to be interesting.  Here's some more pics of Janet at the Uomo Vogue Party in Milan last night:

Looking fabulous. More ish when your read the rest...

YBF Celebs Do The Love Guru Premiere+Updates On Yaya, Lil Wayne, & Tyler Perry

Meagan Good was spotted at the Hollywood premiere of The Love Guru last night:

While I love the YSL Tribute Leopard Calf Skin Mary Janes, I'm not loving them with this dress. Actually, the whole look is off to me. You're too fab for this Meagan. But your man Thomas Jones is fine as always. More celeb pics when you read the rest...

Mama Tina Loses Her Breath+Janet Gets Replaced By MiMi

Photog: Gershoff/Wireimage 
The flu bug is hitting Hollywood hard.  First, Janet Jackson gets rushed to the hospital for flu symptoms, and now, a medical emergeny team rushed to Beyonce's trailer on the set of Cadillac Dreams last night.  It was all because Mama Tina had the ever popular shortness of breath symptoms and ended up having the flu.  Or maybe she just got all worked up the Danity Kane chicks jacked her shiny draws style.  By the way, I hear Beyonce is shunning any and all photogs from taking her pic (with her knowledge of course) on set.  But speaking of Ms. Jackson...  

Jada's New Movie+Celebs Do Sundance+Other Fabness

Jada Pinkett's in a brand new movie with a fabulous female cast:  It's the remake of The Women and they're now in post production.

Baby Zahara's Got Competition?+Jill Scott's New Movie+Jurnee, Denzy, & Other Folks Make Appearances

Who's this new YBF baby hitting the scene? It's model/actress Liya Kibede's 2 year old daughter Raee.  YBF chick Liya is creating a line of children's clothes called Lemlem and her daughter is her muse..and model...of course.   And all her clothes are made in her home country of Ethiopia.  Both are on the cover and pages of Cookie magazine this month too.  Nice.