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It's 2010...And Racial Profiling Type Cops Don't Care

You would think things like this rarely happened anymore...if at all anymore.  But 18 year old Jordan Miles is yet another headlining case of police brutality very likely due to blatant racial profiling. Pittsburgh cops severely beat him and ripped out his dreadlocks after he simply walked out of his mother's house headed to his grandmother's. The details when you read the rest...

Celebs Hope For Haiti: Performances & Pics

Bono, Jay-Z, and Rihanna performing for Hope For Haiti

Even though the huge Hope For Haiti Benefit Telethon Concert is over, you can still donate.  Haitians are still in need for the pure basics we need in life, and the country needs us to help rebuild with them.'' You can still donate. "Hope for Haiti Now" will begin accepting donations at 12pm ET/9am PT on Friday. All proceeds will go to five relief organizations actively operating in Haiti: Oxfam America, Partners in Health, the Red Cross, UNICEF and Wyclef's Yele Haiti foundation. You can also download the entire telethon and individual performances from ITunes with proceeds going to the cause. VISIT HOPEFORHAITINOW to continue to donate.  Or go directly to Yele Haiti, American Red Cross, Save Our Children, etc.  We have those links and info here.

Highlights from the Hope For Haiti concert. Performances and images after the cut....

Kardashians Find Out How Much "Black" Is In Them+Larry Platt's Pants All Over The Ground+Steve Harvey To Host "Family Feud"

Um....yeah. Check out this interview from "The George Lopez" show of George asking the Kardashian chicks "What's up with you and black guys?" And they discuss Lamar and Reggie's bad habits. And Kim and Khloe say they want to take a DNA test to see how much black they have in themselves. Just jokes from George though...I think. *blank stare* News from Steve Harvey and Larry "Pants On The Ground" Platt when you read the rest...

BREAKING: Haiti Hit With ANOTHER Quake


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 81 on January 15, 2010. Our nation honors our most prominent civil rights leaders every year on his birthday (observing the following Monday), making sure his “Dream” of service and equality for all races and creeds lives on. What are you doing today to keep the dream alive? More pics under the cut.....