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Rihanna Gets A Half Million Dollar Tip+Chris Stokes Strikes Again--But Is Still Chillin' With Raz B?+Hammer Doesn't Go Away

TMZ caught these fools on camera for a convenient photo/video op when they were leaving the restaurant together. Raz was talking about "We love each other man!" WTF material indeed. Meanwhile...another youngin' came forward about Chris Stokes' pedophilic ways. Newbistar reports that someone wrote in explaining what Chris did to him when he was 16 years old:
"I met Chris back in 1994. I was sixteen at the time. I was a waiter at a restaurant in L.A. The woman who Chris was having lunch with asked if I modeled or anything like that. I told her no, but the conversation sparked between the three of us. Chris gave me his card and told me to contact him when I got off work. I did. That's where it all started. At the time, my mother wasn't around much and I was half-assed going to school. I waited tables for spending money, but I was basically a broke kid from Ingleside wanting to have all the things Chris had. I told Chris that I wanted to be in the music industry, although I never really had any vocal training. Chris told me he was forming a group with two guys and two girls and I had the look that he was looking for. He told me that talent wasn't important as long as I was eye candy. He made it very obvious that he found me attractive. The topic of me working with him professionally never really manifested into anything more than time killing conversations that usually lead to sex. The affair lasted until late 1997, right around Christmas. I realized then that I was only a toy and he didn't really care about me. I told him I didn't want to continue the relationship. Chris tried to buy me by promising to buy me a BMW. I declined. I knew he was married to a woman (Omarion's cousin **his aunt, actually**) and living a lie and I no longer wanted to participate. After that, I fell into a deep state of depression, began using drugs (cocaine) and you know what came next... prostitution. I started working for a gay escort service in the summer of 1999. The ads that the service ran hinted that the male escorts were "barely legal". One day, my boss calls me and tells me that he had a date for me. I go to the location that I was sent to; room 820 at a very regular hotel in Los Angeles. I knock and guess who answers... yup, Chris. He was just as shocked as I was. Of course, I went in and made the money because I had a habit to support. The one thing that stands out in my head about that night is Chris mentioned over and over again that he thought he'd be getting someone much younger. By the way, I was only 21 at that time. When the Youtube videos came out of Raz B and his brother making those claims, I knew they were all true. It's only a matter of time before others come forward with their stories. I'm sure we're not the only ones. Of course, my situation was consensual, I'm sure there were/are others who have a different story to tell."

Brandy's A Free Woman

While you were busy hitting up gangs on your speed dial...Chris Stokes...Brandy was released of all charges against her. The L.A. City Attorney has decided not to file charges against Brandy over the fatal car accident she was in last year.

Ciara's New Vid "That's Right"+Ne-Yo's New Vid For "Go On Girl"+Yung Joc Goes To Jail Over The Holidays

I hope all my readers had an uberly fabulous Christmas yesterday. And thanks to my hosting and running around with several dozens of family members (whom I love) the last few days, the posting schedule was off. So things will be back to normal tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Ciara's Christmas present to her fans. It's her brand new vid for "That's Right" ft. Lil Jon:

Queen Latifah Joins The Jenny Craig Folks+Other Fabness

  Queen Latifah was spotted looking fab walking in Soho yesterday.  And the Jenny Craig folks have confirmed that she is indeed there next spokeswoman and her campaign kicks off in January.  But her campaign is going to be very different and will focus on a healthier lifestyle...not a smaller dress size.

Barack & Vivica Do The Mags+Alicia Does Giant...And Lena Horne+The Jackson 5 Making A New Year's Comeback?

The YBF has the exclusive first look at the upcoming issue of Black Enterprise mag: Barack is featured on the cover and pages of the mag.  And here's a sneak peek at the issue: 
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says “the same old Washington textbook campaigns just won’t do, this election” and “telling the American people what we think they want to hear—instead of telling the American people what they need to hear—will no longer be acceptable.” So goes the surging message of Barack Obama, the man who has presented America with the real possibility of an elected black president. With the primary season quickly approaching, black enterprise (be) hit the campaign trail with the electrifying contender, gaining exclusive insight into his platform and strategy. In the January issue cover feature, “Why Barack Obama Should Be President,” be builds a compelling case for Obama becoming president of the United States and how he will win the Oval Office this November.

So Now Rihanna's Cancelling Tour Dates Because of "Doctor's Orders"?+Oh Really Big Willy?

Folks in the UK arent going to be able to see Rih Rih this week.  Sources report:
Birmingham’s NEC Arena said the 19-year-old had been forced by her doctor to pull out of Monday’s gig. The star, who plans to reschedule, also pulled out of Saturday’s Nottingham show. Tuesday’s Bournemouth show was also postponed. Birmingham’s NEC said the Umbrella star “appreciates the love and support of all her fans and wants nothing more than to see and connect with them”. Fans with tickets are advised to hold on to them until further news is received. A spokeswoman for the star was unable to comment. Rihanna began the tour in Paris last month and was due to end it on 21 December in Moscow, Russia.
Look what Bow Wow started.  

Cause Of Bow Wow's Hospitalization Released+Michael Vick Gets Sentenced

In yet another press release followed by mad album promo, Bow Wow's people sent a statement of why he was hospitalized last week:
It was previously reported that rap sensation Bow Wow has been hospitalized. Symptoms that were originally thought to be due to stress and exhaustion are actually the result of an infection of Bow Wow's appendix.