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Red Carpet Fab


Oscars 2008: So Quincy's Keeping This One Around?

Per usual Quincy Jones showed up to the event with a damn near teenaged accessory on his arm:  
Photog: Granitz
His now 20 year old girlfriend Heba Elawadi he started dating when she was 19.  Can't hate our favorite septuagenarian for trying to stay young.  However

Oscars 2008: WTF Material

Officially YBF's Worst Dressed of the night: Spikey and Wesley walked into that piece looking like the black version of Twins.  Seriously Wesley?  A bluish purple tux with a matching plaid satin bowtie?  And Spike really is no better.  I really hope this ish is for

Oscars 2008: So Forest Fed Her Some Greens?

Keisha Whitaker was looking way less hungry tonight (seriously) on the Oscars red carpet:
Photogs: AP/Vespa 
That eat-nan-a-piece-of-foood diet is not what's hot in the streets.  Fabulous dr

Oscars 2008: J-Hud's Second Try/You Decide

Photogs: Granitz/Mazur/Reuters
Still not really feeling it, but indeed much better than last year's Academy Awards Andre Leon Talley foolishness.  She was dripping in Neil Lane diamonds too-Chandelier Ea

Oscars 2008: Ruby Red All The Rage

Ruby Dee rocked the color everybody's wearing on tonight's red carpet-ruby red:
Photog: Cohen
She's the only African American up for an award tonight (Best Supporting Actress for American Gangster).  And she's rocking a Kevan Hall gown with over $2 million worth of Jeffrey Rackover diamonds.  A ruby and diamond bracelet made up of 100 carats of rubies and diamonds, a pa

Oscars 2008: Diddy Bringing The Swexy?

Well hot damn, I never thought I would see the day that I called this dude sexy:
Photog: Granitz 
But the swagger is killing it yet again.  Diddy rocked a dapper tux with a bowtie that wor

Oscars 2008: Stripperific Much?

I don't know what it is about Tanika Ray but this chick's look stays screaming "I just stepped off the high class pole". And it doesn't help that she's posing on the pole either.