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That's Just My Baby Mama


50 Cent Gets Comfy With Rick Ross' Ex Tia & Their Kids+Young Money (Plus Weezy & His Alleged Boo) Parties It Up

Upcoming jail time seems to be the farthest thing from Weezy's mind.  He threw a party for his Young Money chick Shanell--who is also D.Woods' sister--this weekend in Atlanta.  Supposedly Shanell is Weezy's new boo.  And supposedly Nivea had his son this weekend....while he was out in ATL partying with his chick.  Interesting.

Drake and others were there.  Damn those nails....

And Curtis Jackson strikes AGAIN.  He spent the weekend in Vegas for the big fight.  He brought his enemy Rick Ross' baby mama Tia AND her sons she has with Ricky along for the ride.  They hit up Floyd Mayweather's mansion and posed and kiki'd it up like 50 had adopted these kids:

This all comes after 50 blasted Officer Ricky for not taking care of his kids.  This is a MESS.  SMDH. More pics when you read the rest....

UPDATES: Usher & Soulja Boy

Here's the update in the Usher case:  The police report Usher filed on Tameka (check it here) says Tameka was wildin' out after Ursh and his mother ignored her. She was wildin out, banging on MaMa Jonetta's door, demanding to take the kids.  And he felt she was the one who had damaged his car:

Lamar Odom's Babies' Mama Still Poppin' Off+Consequence, Kanye, & John Legend's "Whatever U Want" Vid

Lil Wayne CONFIRMS He's Lauren London's Baby Daddy! (And Cancels Canadian Tour Dates!)

Nas Fires Back At Kelis+Soulja Boy Turns His "Cribs" Swag On

Solange Pops Off About Beyonce+The Dream Speaks On Weezy & Nivea+Terrell Owens Goes Nude

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Solange is sick of her "fans" loving her because they are the "anti-Beyonce". And she's no longer standing for the hate. She took to her twitter the other day to pop off on a fan who was hating on her sis on Twitter:
Dear @solangeknowles please tell your sister 2 go away for like...ever. Thank U. BTW, J Hudson & Jas Sullivan sing far better. Thanks :-) Lmao @solangeknowles! girl stop & breathe, it's called an opinion. they're like assholes u kno...we all have em & some of us act like'em lol let's c...every vid where she's shakin her ass & singing songs about shakin her ass. she objectifies herself tina (turner) & bey = apples & oranges. think about the eras you're comparing. when tina did the thing labels weren't promoting sex, just talent most of the "artists" bein promoted by current labels r propped up 2 b sex symbols, regardless of talent or merit. they don't even hav 2 sound good most of the time they just need 2 look the part. & if it ain sex then it's "mother earth" or "rocker chick" pick a mask. point is, sum artists sell out & sell their souls (beyonce) 2 get big while others languish nnear obscurity (lauryn hill) talent ain't rewarded, ass shakin & weave flingin is. & i'm done. peace
Solo's response:
"...sick of people thinking I'm gonna be my sisters enemy.You are FAR out of line.Take your fake "love and healing "somewhere else. Now that was the "nice" read.Next person who hits me with some negative energy about my sister is gonna get Fox news all over again.Ya hear! Don't try to love ME becuz u want 2 be the "anti Beyonce".I am the "all for" Beyonce.Now kiss both of our Knowles asses if u don't like it! Call me whatever u want to, but next time I say "yo momma...." don't flinch. See how u feel. Now back to your regular scheduled programming. I'm back in the booth creating & she is somewhere shutting down a sold out show kisses..."

Aw snap. I loves Solange for ish like this. More ish when you read the rest...

Girlfriend Baby Mama #2: Nivea+Faith & Lil Kim's Fight Night

I guess since Lauren London showcased her preggers belly this weekend, Lil Wayne's other baby mama Nivea decided to showcase hers at her event in Atlanta this week: