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That's Unfortunate


This Just In: Trina & Boyfriend Kenyon Martin Involved In A Car Crash!

WTF Material: Scott Storch & Tommy Davidson

Well if that doesn't provide the afternoon swexy I don't know what does. 42 year old Tommy Davidson was spotted partying it up with some "friends" at Club Revolution in Vegas last night. I guess when you don't have another gig lined up you start twirking it for cash from the ladies.

I Would Have Caught You Method Man

So while Method Man performed during a Wu-Tang concert this week, he decided to stage dive. But y'all know certain folks are not trying to catch a dude who is flying mid air at them at a rap concert. Peep the video:

In a packed and ultra crowded club, nobody caught Method Man as he stage dived and he indeed hit the floor.

Another Miss USA Busts Her Ass+Vivica Goes Hard For Jessica Simpson

Here we go again. Miss USA Crystle Stewart took a nice little trip...and fall...at last night's Miss Universe 2008 Pagent. Very reminicent of former Miss USA Rachel Smith's ass busting performance at last year's Miss Universe 2007 Pagent. Check last year's here.

WTF Is Wrong With Michael Jackson?!+Queen Latifah In A Bike Accident!+Dr. King's Children At War!

What in the heezy is going on here? Michael Jackson was spotted being wheeled around in a wheelchair at his local Barnes and Noble bookstore yesterday and it left every patron who caught a glimpse of this quite confused.  Oh and it gets better.  While this time he was the one all covered up, his kids Paris, Prince, and Blanket were on full on exposure:

Wow. Here's a news snippet of the strange happenings yesterday:   Jacko was accompanied by his three children, Prince Michael, 11, Paris, 10, and six-year-old Prince Michael II, to the Barnes & Noble toy store in Vegas. Jackson used a minder to ferry him into the store and was accompanied by an additional entourage of eight but wheeled himself around inside. One shopper said: 'He looked a bit weird wheeling himself around covered up in a surgeon's mask. He was in the shop for about two hours in total. When they left, the children came out first and he was wheeled out behind them.' Medics say Jackson is suffering from back injuries following a career of extreme dance moves. Others say his metal set of wheels is used as a prop. Wow again.   Updates on the Kings' legal woes and Queen Latifah's bike accident when you read the rest...  

Damn Shante!

Mike Vick's Brother & Naomi Campbell Are Trippin'+Who Stole Russey's Ish?



First Michael Vick was in legal trouble, now his brother (and former VTech QB) Marcus Vick has been arrested in Norfolk, VA. Marcus has been in trouble several times before, hence him having that "former VTech QB" status as he was kicked off the team a while back because of his antics. Apparently, early this morning/late last night Marcus led 5-0 on a wild goose chase. He was spotted arguing with a chick in a car, then he got ghost going on a high speed chase when the cops asked him for ID. He's been charged with DUI, eluding police, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license. This is not the movies boo. You will get caught. His "lady friend" who was with him and likely the one he was arguing with is Delicia Cordon. She was arrested for being drunk in public. What's really hood around those parts? And what's really really hood with her wig?