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Deelishis Blasts Flav In A Ridiculously Long Rant+Updates On Halle B. & Mario

  For those of you who actually care about what the hell a past FOL winner has to say, Deelishis (government name London Charles via Chandra Davis) has posted a long ass Myspace bulletin telling folks what really went down between her and Flavor Flav.  She says it's time to clear the air since Flav's been lying on her.  And that her new man is real and he's not gay. I see she had a conference with Star Jones. Peep the long ass rant: Well I do believe it is time to answer THE question. I did not want to expose our situation completely, as I assumed the truth would come to light in its own time. I thought it'd be the best thing for him. But seeing how he so blatently disregarded the truth in order to legitimize his way into your homes for a third season, I must be real with you and speak up for the truth and myself!

Celebs Talking That Ish: Khia On Beefing With Janet, Viv On V-Day & Papa Knowles On Aretha Franklin

*Sigh*: So Khia is still talking ish about Janet "playing" her with that "So Excited" track damn near a year ago. And I just have a few things to say for this chick: 1-Please don't ever allow for a video to be released with you trying to clown another person when you're not even big enough that the videographer can spell your damn name right on the video; 2-Do you have stock in the colors green and yellow? If so I know the Crayola Company is making your ass mad rich right now because you seem to only want to hurt our eyes with these colors in every appearance you make: photoshoots, promo shots, vids, everything. Let's try to wear a new color in the '08; 3-No one gives a sh*t about "So Excited" anymore, and esp. don't give a sh*t whether you were in the vid or not or performing it with Janet all around this country. We barely cared about that track when it first came out and trust-your appearance with it or lack thereof did NOT make or break its success. That is all.

UPDATE: There's More To The Girlfriends Story

The YBF broke the news yesterday that Girlfriends has officially been cancelled and the network is not even planning to shoot a finale episode.  And now another source involved in the production of Girlfriends tells The YBF that the production team was in the process of bring back Jill Marie Jones (Toni Childs) for

YBF Exclusive: GirlfriendsIs Over...And This Time It's Final!

An extremely credible source who works as part of the crew at Girlfriends has just broken the sad news to The YBF about Girlfriends.  Tonight's brand new back to back episodes were and will be the final episodes ever.  And the network is not even planning to tape a series finale.  The decision was made very last minute which is why these final episode were not advertised as such.

Kimora & Djimon Engaged...And Becoming Scientologists?+Fashion Week Fab+Missy, Danity Kane, & Day 26 Hit TRL

Photog: Nunez
So....Kimora and Djimon are the new Tom and Katie? Those Scientologists strike again.  And is that an engagement ring KiKi?? I know you wouldn't wear your wedding ring from your last marriage while you're dating a new man.  And suspiciously hold up that hand only in damn near every pic from the Baby Phat after party this weekend.  How interesting....

Ashanti Hits The Runway+Toni Braxton Is Mmm Good+Tyra's Burning Bras+Celebs Pre-Party For The Superbowl

What is this shocking fierceness I see?: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photog: Concordia 
Ashanti walked the runway at the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection 2008 fashion show today for NY's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Chick stepped up her fab game.  Loves it.   Fashion Week kicks off today!

Key Key Cole & The Gang Hit MTV

The How She Move kids are trying their damndest to get 10 more people in the theaters: They hit up MTV's Sucker Free today.  And is that damn Rutina rocking those anke strangling combat boots AGAIN?  Stop it!  There's no excuse.  None.  Keyshia saves the day though with my fave YSL wedges of the Cruise '08 line.  And the tourquise version of those are even hotter.