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WEEKEND FAB: Jay-Z, A-Rod, Rih Rih, & Weezy

BFFs Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez spent the entire day together yesterday. They kicked things off at the Yankees' parade, then went to an early dinner at Jay and B's fave spot Nello's, and kicked it courtside at the Knicks vs. Cavs game.

Then wrapped up the night at a celebration party at the 40/40 club with Chris Rock and others. Fun times with the fellas.

Meanwhile, Rihanna's been out and about a lot this past week in L.A.. She was spotted rocking some killer booties while out with her publicist and friends yesterday.  By the way, check out her topless single cover for "Wait Your Turn":

Interesting. And here's the trailer to Lil Wayne's new documentary "The Carter".  This is going to be a doozy... Lots more pics of celebs at the Knicks game and Hov and A-Rod's day out when you read the rest...

Another Peek At Rihanna's 20/20 Interview+Chris' Camp Blasts Rihanna On Twitter

Here's another 5 minute sneak peek of Rihanna's interview on "20/20" tonight. Basically she talks about that night in question--catching Chris in a lie after finding a text message, things "getting ugly" when she wouldn't stop questioning him, and how he had a soul-less look in his eyes while he beat her: "It wasn't the same person that says I love you. It was not those... eyes," she told Sawyer in an exclusive interview. "He had ... no soul in his eyes. Just blank. ...He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him." The February 2009 assault left the 21-year-old battered and bruised, and Brown was sentenced to five years of probation, community labor, and one year of domestic-violence counseling. "All I kept thinking all the time: When is it going to stop? When it is going to stop?" she said. She also goes on to say she does not hate him and wishes him well. Click here to read more transcript from the full interview we can't see here. Chris' friends/dancers/DJs' responses when you read the rest...

IT'S HERE: Why Did I Get Married Too Trailer

Last night, Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too trailer aired during "Entertainment Tonight". Looks like Janet Jacksonis in for a performance like we've never seen from her. You can check it out under the cut...

Rihanna Speaking Out On "Good Morning America"+Diamond's Video Shoot With The ATL Folks

Looks like Rihanna will be speaking out for the first time on "Good Morning America" November 5th. Her "Russian Roulette" vid will premiere on 20/20 on Friday. And Rated R is still dropping 23rd. Check out the promo.

Diamond from Crime Mob shot her 1st solo video on Thursday for her song "Super Bad". The shoot was at Atlanta's Opera Night Club and directed by Dr. Teeth:

Lil Scrappy, Young Money, MackMaine, Tiny and Toya and rapper Rasheeda came through to do cameos. More pics under the cut...

TEASERS: Jacksons, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke

Here's the teaser video (y'all know how I feel about these damn teaser videos!) for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" video:

Which means the real thing is dropping either later today or tomorrow.  The two will be performing this track at the World Series tonight as well--7:30p EST.

Speaking of Jay, Rap Radar has a snippet of his and Robin Thicke's new song “Meiplé (Me I Play)”. Check it here.  Hov slips in a shout out to his wife too. The Jackson reality show trailer when you read the rest...

Black Face In French Vogue?+Real Housewives Demanding Syndication Money?!

So there is a 14-page French Vogue spread featuring model Lara Stone in blackface/black body coming out. It's sending lots of folks into an uproar.

Some folks say this was a cheap gimmick with an empty purpose. Others say it's an interpretation of high fashion. But what are your thoughts?

In other news, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are clamoring around trying to get artist credentials. Why? So they can get a cut of the big bucks Bravo is about to ring in off their syndicated episodes of the show on their sister networks. The issue is: EVERY housewife signed a contract stating they would not be paid as an actor due to the "reality show" nature of the program. But y'all know that's not stopping these Atlanta Housewives. Here's what one of them allegedly said about it:
“This is some bull shit, we’ve been fighting their as* for the longest to keep the show from going to syndication without us making a dime … Damn, we not getting a dime and they making all the money… WOW … They can play the show forever and we will never get a check that aint right.”
Source Probably should have negotiated that before signing that contract all quick because you're extra excited about being a "star". Speaking of these chicks, the previews for tonight's show are under the cut...

VIDEO FAB: Alicia Keys & Jay-Z Film "Empire State Of Mind" Vid+Tyra In "Gossip Girl"