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WEEKEND BITS: Toya Carter, LaLa, Mo'Nique, Elite, & Ashanti

Toya and Memphitz

If you didn't know before, now it's been confirmed. Folks have been speculating that Toya Carter's new man is the rapper Memphitz. We even talked here about them getting semi-matching tattoos recently. Toya's been keeping his name under wraps, but her BFF Rasheeda just blasted them on Twitter. She posted the above pic of Toya and Memphitz kicking it at the bowling alley with friends and said: Look at @antoniacarter & her boo @memphitt... Well there ya go. More ish when you read the rest...

MIDNIGHT SNACKS: Kanye, Laurie Ann, Martin, & Cast Of Our Family Wedding Get To Work+Tyrese's Post-Wreck Massage

Kanye and Amber help the homeless at Christmas time

Kanye blogged about his experience with Amber Rose and his cousin at the LA Mission the day after Christmas as he helped out those less fortunate:

Kanye and Amber help the homeless at Christmas time

A couple that helps together stays together.

Laurie Ann Gibson set to choreograph Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone"

And Laurie Ann Gibson has been Tweeting about her brand new gig.  She'll be Boom Boom Kack'in all up in Lady Gaga and Beyonce's upcoming "Telephone" video choreographing it.  They start at the end of this month.  She also choreographed GaGa's "Bad Romance" vid.  This ought to be interesting.... More snacks when you read the rest...

Celebs Celebrate New Year's In St. Barts With The Carters...And Usher & Bey Got FLIRTY?

Beyonce performs in St. Barts for New Years Eve

Celebs partied it up in St. Barts last night for New Year's Eve.  They all took in Beyonce's midnight private performance for the son of the Libyian dictator Moatessem al-Gaddafi. And of course, her hubby Jay was on hand to watch.

Beyonce performs in Abu Dhabi for New Years Eve

According to gossipers today, rumor has it that Usher and Bey were doing a little too much flirting. And Mr. Carter was NOT amused. And he supposedly went OFF. Literally. The pic above was supposedly taken after he got a bit pissy and was leaving the scene. More pics under the cut...

Aoki & Ming Lee Hit St. Barts+MJB Signs CDs+Alexandra Burke's New Photoshoot

As they do every Holiday with their dad, Aoki and Ming Lee hit St. Barts with Russell Simmons this week:



Ming is starting to look like her mom's mini-me.  And when Russell posted this last pic of Aoki, he said: I think. Its time to pick a wife, and god willing do this again.. This year .. If possible. Oh it's like picking some candy for him I see.... More pics when you read the rest....

Rihanna's "Hard" Preview+Chris Brown Says Dueces To Twitter

After Chris Brown posted this ish the other day about the industry and stores black balling him, seems like somebody told him to leave Twitter abruptly. C Breezy has officially left Twitter and deleted his account as of last night. His last words: “I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. I LOVE YALL. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!” I can't lie, I think him connecting directly with his fans via Twitter was a good look for him.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Mashonda VS. Swizzy & His Mistress

And it's times like this when I loves me some Twitter. Twitbeef is always good for the soul. Swizz Beatz made the fatal mistake of promoting his "boo" Alicia Keys and her new album on Twitter last night. And was extra gangsta about that ish. Then he just had to let his fans know he "can't cheat if he was separated." Oh, and he made the point "when it's time to move on, it's just time to move the f**k on." I knew Mashonda wasn't going to let this ish slide...and of course...she had to set him straight saying he wasn't separated until after the cheating started. ToMATEto ToMAHTo. Check Swizzy's comments (which he so conveniently erased today) and then Mashonda's responses under the cut...

Lola Monroe Pops Off On Nicki Minaj+50's "Do You Think About Me' Teaser+Day 26's Willie Says He's Not Cheating With Cocktail

Well it was only a matter of time before the up and coming rap chicks *shudders at that thought* brought the beef to the game. Video chick turned rapper "Lola Monroe" has some words for those saying she's jacking Nicki Minaj's "Barbie Movement":
AllHipHop.com: What would you say to people who may think you’re jacking Nick Minaj and her “Barbie movement”? Lola Monroe: I don’t do the Barbie thing… that’s her thing. I really don’t agree with it, that’s basic. It doesn’t make sense to me because first off, you’re basically saying I’m jacking somebody who has never been known to have their style all throughout their career. She’s never been set to have her own style. It’s always been set to say she’s jacking Lil’ Kim to Foxy [Brown] and now Lil’ Wayne. So how can I be jacking somebody or using somebody’s style if they never been known to have their own style. That part never made sense. That’s one. Another thing, it kind of comes from Wayne is in the foundation of my music and what I’ve listened to him for years and years. So you can hear his styles in my music. And you know, that’s her mentor and that’s somebody whom she’s under and so she’s known to sound like Wayne. That’s all they say about her now. I believe the similarities may have come from that but besides that, I have my own style, I have my own lane. She does what she does, ya feel me?
And what Lola says about her "Boss B*tch Movement":
“The boss b**ch movement” is a female empowerment movement. It basically represents the female’s that are grinding right now. It represents female empowerment. It’s hard for females these days. Not only in the industry, but day-to-day life. So, it’s basically a push showing female strength and how we got this regardless of the obstacles we were faced with. Whether the female has a nine to five, doing school, in the club dancing, or whatever it might be. It’s female empowerment."
Source: AllHipHop.com
Lola Monroe gets 1 point from me for using my new favorite word "basic" in a sentence. But these two chicks beefing about who's more basic is like 2 mistresses fighting over a married man.  Let that muurinate.  Just sayin'.... Speaking of Lola, her mentor 50 Cent released a teaser for his "Do You think About Me" video with Viv Fox:

Check it. Willie of Day 26 clears up the Cocktail cheating drama when you read the rest...