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Will This Help My Career?


Drake On Rihanna: She Played Me Like A Pawn!


It was only a year ago when Drake was on the verge of becoming the big name he is now, and he was getting it in with Rihanna on the rebound.  Rih had gone through Chrihannagate just months before, and she and Drake started to get suspiciously close--hitting the bowling alley and making out, hitting "the studio" together, and the club scene together.


At that time, they both denied that anything was going down.  But now, Drake has gone public about how Rihanna used him the same way he used chicks in the past. 

MIDNIGHT FOOLERY: Really Bobby Valentino?

Keeping with this year's "I hope my naked flicks up my Google search rating" theme, singer Bobby Valentino is the newest dude to hop on the bandwagon. His pissed ex-girlfriend reportedly "leaked" these half naked pics of Bobby in a hotel room about to get it in with his naked groupies. What Bobby doesn't realize is, no amount of thirsty groupie love put on display is going to make bump him up off the Z list.  I mean....really.   But it will provide good late night sh*ts and giggles for the gossip folks. Pics via Freddy o The rest of the pics after the cut...

NAKED BALLER ALERT: San Antonio Spur George Hill Gets "Greg Oden'd"

And another NBA baller gets caught out there....nekkid.  But y'all might be feelin' these a little more than Greg Oden's.   San Antonio Spur George Hill has some naked pics on the net that his former girlfriend or former jumpoff just leaked.

We've never heard of him but from the looks of his pics (the ones where he's actually clothed), dude is a ka-yutie!  We may just have to start paying more attention to the NBA games. We hear George spends more time on the bench than in the game so this may just be a good look for him. Just looking at the silver lining here.... The NSFW naked flicks and texts thanks to TheDirty.com and the email from his lawyer confirming it's him when you read the rest...