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BREAKING NEWS: T.I. Gets ELEVEN Months In Jail, Admits To Drug Addiction


This just in--rapper T.I. was sentenced to 11-months in jail for violating his probation. Details inside...

Critics And Fans Unimpressed By Host Chelsea Handler's Off-Color Racial Humor

People are talking...and they are not saying great things about Chelsea Handler's hosting skills and her off-color racial humor (which seems to center on making fun of black rappers). See what people are saying when you go inside...


Drake On Rihanna: She Played Me Like A Pawn!


It was only a year ago when Drake was on the verge of becoming the big name he is now, and he was getting it in with Rihanna on the rebound.  Rih had gone through Chrihannagate just months before, and she and Drake started to get suspiciously close--hitting the bowling alley and making out, hitting "the studio" together, and the club scene together.


At that time, they both denied that anything was going down.  But now, Drake has gone public about how Rihanna used him the same way he used chicks in the past. 

WOMP WOMP FILES: Nelly EXPOSES Kat Stacks...And We All Laugh

While Supahead 3.0 Kat Stacks has continued her radio tour of exposing your fave rappers and their sexcapades, she met her match this weekend.  When Kat unexpectantly came up against Nelly during a radio interview, he wasn't having that ish and exposed her and her allegedly fake story about them.


Audio of the argument and Kat's drunken stupor caught on tape when you read on...

Jay-Z Gets JACKED By A Baller & Sues


Jay-Z has a case of jacking on his hands.  But this time tt involves his business venture the 40/40 club.  Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz got the bright idea to open his own club in the Dominican Republic with the same name.  But it's written as The Fourty Fourty club.


Not enough of a difference for the Jiggaman.  Lawsuit details when you read on...

WOMP: Stacey Dash Lied About Reality Show?

Remember when

Sh*ts & Giggles: A Jump-Off Scorned....

In the semi-celebrity but funny as hell news of the day....one scorned mistress allegedly took her affair very public this week. 41 year old YaVaughnie Wilkins plastered three major cities with massive billboard posters featuring herself and her married ex-lover, businessman Charles E. Phillips, who happens to be an advisor to President Barack Obama. More of the drama when you read the rest...