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New Couple Alert!: Jill Scott & Lamman Rucker

Oh yes.  These two brought the on-screen romance to the off screen.  The 2008 BET Honors Awards went down right here in DC last night, and YBF sources spotted Jill Scott and her cutie Why Did I Get Married? co-star Lamman Rucker extra cozy all night long.  The new couple arrived together and hit the red carpet together.  And Jill thought she was slick chit chatting it up on her cell phone all the way from the red carpet to her seat--av

New York & Tailor Made: At Least TRY To Make It Believable.

I couldn't make this ish up and I must do my gossiply duties.  Y'all know I dug for more details about this mess.  Sources tell The YBF that our favorite mama's boy George "Tailor Made"  Weisberger has indeed moved on to another woman and that's the real reason why he and Tiffany "New York" Pollard are broken up--despite the "We're still together" hoopla they and VH-1 are putting out to the masses.  His new chick is a 23 year old aspiring

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, & Ciara Kick It Courtside+Missy's "Ching-A-Ling"+It's A Boy For Monica+Other Fabness

The Roc crew hit up the Nets vs. Sonics game last night: Bigga and Kanye all looked laid back and fab.  Well B looked extra fabulous simply because of those hot ass Louboutin boots.  And where's Alexis these days?   I hear all three were very much into the game and laughed and chatted it up the entire time.  And I also hear damn near everybody in the place--including the players--were in awe over Beyonce and would damn near drool at her feet.  I'm mad they haven't gotten used to seeing her at the games after 3 or 4 years now.  Apparently when the players were supposed to be in the huddle, they were all up in B's face chit chatting and peeping her.  Chick might end up getting hated by the fans like Jessica Simpson is now if she's not careful.  Still fabulous nonetheless.

New Couple Alert?!: Rocsi & Baller Josh Howard

So Rocsi hit up the great state of Texas this weekend and partied it up at Dallas' Opus Lounge last night.  And YBF sources snitch that she was getting extra frisky with Dallas Maverick Josh Howard.  Chick gets around.   Apparently she looked like she had been getting pretty wild all night with her hair in a messy ponytail, outfit hanging extra wrong, and acting like she hated peop

Could This Be About You Chris Stokes?

Sources tell me that a movie called Dungeons and Dawgs which dropped back in '05 indeed tells the story of Chris Stokes and his child molesting ways. The movie, which was produced by Neil James who is supposedly very close to Chris Stokes, tells a three part story. And one part focuses on a successful male music producer/manager who forces his male signees to perform sexual acts on/with him before they are actually signed to his label.

Spotted: Tracee Ellis Ross Can't Hold Her Liquor+Ciara Partying It Up In London

A YBF snitch caught Tracee Ellis Ross leaving club Goa in L.A. with her brother Evan and friend Nick Cannon Saturday night.  And here's a bit of what they had to say:
Tracee was rockin some black Louboutin boots. And she came out hella drunk...haha. It was a damn shame to see the paparazzi weren't interested in Tracee or Evan. Annoying or not, they definitely need to give some black celebs some lovin.
Damn. Falling out drunk outside a club and still can't get paparazzi love? We still love you Tracee. No...really. We do.

Mama Whitney's Back.

Whitney Houston at Live and Loud December 1st
{Thanks Keisha}
Yes indeed. Whitney Houston made her official comeback Saturday night at the Live and Loud concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I hear she looked fabulous but her voice is still readjusting.