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Trina & Kenyon Martin: It's REALLY Over!

We just got an interesting word from our industry source who knows the real goings on behind the smoke and mirrors of celeb relationships.   Trina and her baller boo Kenyon Martin are definitely over...and have been for a while, according to our source.  When we asked said source why her management claimed they were still "very much together" when we asked them point blank less than a month ago, our source said it's because Trina is trying her damndest to keep the breakup quiet. More breakup juice when you read the rest...

TWITTERIFIC: Bow Wow Pops Off On His Mama+Diddy Spends QT WIth Cassie+Tamera Mowry Gets Gorgeous

So Bow Wow no likey his mama being all up on Twitter.  In a typical embarrassed high schoolesque boy temper tantrum, Bow started Tweeted back at his mom Teresa for her to stop Tweeting his celeb friends (and enemies) like Nelly, Kim K., Solange, Diddy, and others.  And she's even discussing her sex and love life too. Mama Teresa's response:  Stop hatin'.  Bow then threatened to delete his Twitter account unless she deleted hers, but then his fans started to rally around mama dukes instead of Bow.  WOMP.  He's since erased all his Tweets about this.  But here they are...along with his mama's responses:

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Source: Gawker

FLICKS: Angela Simmons' Weekend Getaway+Michelle Obama Gets Waxy

Angela Simmons kept it cute and fun as she spent the weekend with her girls.  A weekend getaway with your chicas is always good for the soul....

And First Lady Michelle Obama has been commemorated in wax at London's Madame Tussaud's museum.  They put her right next to her hubby's wax statue in the makeshift Oval Office.  Sweet. More pics of both ladies when you read the rest...

Beyonce's Still On The Fence About Birthing A Baby

MORE ALTER EGO SHOOTS: Tichina Arnold, Musiq, & Victoria Rowell

Here's more fab alter ego shoots from Derek Blanks. He's surely working his way through Black Hollywood:

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Tichina Arnold plays her two alters in her Trick or Treat shoot: Carol Burnett's character "Nora," vs. a wild rock star. And Tichina's 5 year old daughter, Elijah has a treat for them...a baseball bat. Funny. More after the cut with Musiq and Victoria...

YBF Celebs HELP HAITI: Jay-Z, Swizzy, Wyclef, Garcelle Beauvais, Maxwell, And More

While Russell Simmons backpedaled on his premature statement that Tiger Woods is donating a plane and goods to Haiti relief efforts, there's no back pedaling on Jay-Z's part. He has announced he's teaming up with Swizz Beatz and rockstar Bono to make a song for the Haiti relief efforts. And it's already a done deal. Here's what Bono's U2 bandmate The Edge just revealed: “Last night we wrote a song … Bono got a call from a producer, Swizz. He and Jay-Z wanted to do something for Haiti. So, Bono came up with the phrase on the phone, and last night we were here, we wrote a song — finished, recorded, and send it back to them. So, that might be the next thing you hear from us!”
Swizzy Tweeted about it as well. And our sources close to Jay's camp revealed to us that they will be selling the song on ITunes to raise money. Nice. Lots more relief efforts and celebs' personal stories when you read the rest...


Kelly Rowland is getting her gorgeous on as "Rosie the Riveter" in her alter ego shoot.  Fab photographer Derek Blanks did his signature shoot for Ms. Kelly as she portrayed a strong woman in charge vs. the Damsel in distress pin up. Loves these pics.

And here's her behind the scenes vid showing how her and Derek's team worked out the fabulousness. Lots more pics (including some hot non-alter ego photoshoot pics of her by Derek) when you read the rest....