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Just one more funny pic from the All Star game:


All-Star Extravaganza

Aiight peoples...this is a long post so keep up...

This All-Star Weekend was extravagant and star flooded. Let's look at what went down at all the parties before the game....

The T-Mobile All-Star party went down Friday night in the H:

The Knowles fam was there in full effect:

The Foolywang Part 3

See, I wasn't even gonna update today, but this mess right here had me FALLING OUT:

What in the crispy hot hell is this?????

All-Star Fabulous

NBA All-Star weekend is in full effect:

An All-Star kickoff party was celebrity studded Thursday night:

Keep It Movin’

Well daaaaamn peoples. Remember ya'll...this is just a GOSSIP blog. This is not CNN so majority of the info posted is not proven as real/unreal. No, the Urkel look a like pic is not Jaleel and I am now fully aware. (Thanks for the respectful heads up) But the pic is still funny as hell so it's staying up. It's all fun and games. Let's keep it movin:

T.I. was lookin all fine and stuff at Wednesday's taping of MTV2 Presents Hip Hop:

The Foolywang Part Deux

Edit: I'm well aware this is not Jaleel White...but the pic is still hella funny.


She Jigglin Baby

Ooooh triple post day:

Damn Ashanti. It's like that ma?