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A Fabulous Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the YBF dads out there. Mmmhmm...I know some of ya'll sneak and read this here blog...but no need to sneak. I'm always surprised at how many e-mails I get from males/dads about all this celebrity gossip...so you're not alone. Anyways, here are some pics of celebrity dads and their kids-enjoy!

Will, Luda, and their kids

H.A.M. Hocks Of The Week

Star's been off the H.A.M. Hock radar for a while, but then she made a return:

Source: Perez



I have never been so happy to see a Friday. This week has been busy as all hell. On to the ish...

Apparently 2 PETA members who won a lunch with Beyonce ambushed our fave fab chick at the lunch about including fur in her HOD line. These people whipped out tapes and dvds and cameras and slammed her with the q's. Damn.


Look Again+More Cuff Action

Ok ok. Just to be fair to Ursh...here are some pics of him doing some physical work in the N.O. yesterday:


Attack Of The Dummies

Shouts out to Big Sue and the Q 95.5 fam in Baton Rouge, LA. I just found out she was fabulous enough to shout me and YBF out on the airwaves yesterday. Gotta luv it. Thanks!

On to the foolishness...

Hoopz Gets The Cuffs…And Not The Freaky Kind

Daaaaaamn. Looks like somebody's 15 minutes might be up.

All The Hype

Here's a pic I didn't post back when I posted Naomi and Tyson's photosoot: