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Spring Is In The Air

Keepin it movin...

Yolanda Adams has GOT to stop this. No one should be allowed...ever...to pull a Janice Combs:

Utterly ridiculous.

Oh, Venus:

B*tch Please Part Deux


More Gossip-ish

Some scary stuff-

Tupac...yes, Tupac...is getting his own wax statute at Madame Tousad's in Vegas. This ought to be interesting. Here's the story I got:

Get In On It Man

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Gossip time...

And Again, B*tch Please!

Oh helllll to the m*%$@ f^&#ing naw....

As usual, 50's illiterate azz spoke recently to MTV about who he's hatin on in the rap game. And this time he has messed with the wrong folks. When his slow self was supposed to be talking about why Em pushed his release date back, he decided to show his jealous eye by saying, and I quote:


It's official oh fabulous ones. As of this morning, I have officially crossed the MILLION READERS/HITS threshold ! I am too excited about that. 8 months ago I would have NEVER thought this was possible. Just wanted to let everyone know that I TRULY appreciate your questions, comments, and concerns about me and YBF that are e-mailed to me on a daily basis. And thanks so much for all the words of encouragement while I'm on this 3 year trek for my law degree. These are some hard times.


Thanks God It's Thursday peoples. The weekend is almost here!!! Gossip time...

Beverly Johnson

WTF?!?! Given, she looks amazing for how long she's been in the game...but this look AINT RIGHT....on nan a person. Please work that out Bev.