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Fabulous Benefits

The mother of all hurricanes has sent her main 2 bad azz kids to follow me and other New Orleanians. Katrina and Rita are straight trippin. They need to calm all these p.m.s temper tantrums down and let me live my life. Obviously...my plans to move to Houston are now halted. Damn that Rita.

Ok ya'll...this is the last time I'ma mention Jada's scaryness...but this is funny.

Emmy Madness

The 57th Annual Emmy Awards went down Sunday night. And pretty much everyone looked fabulous! The only thing I like about awards shows is seeing what celebs are wearing and who they're with. Other than that...they're a wash. This post is kinda long ya'll so beware.

Apparently the Entertainment Weekly Emmy Pre-Party the night before the Emmys was the ill cuz everybody was up in that piece. It was held at the Cabana Club in L.A.

It’s Gettin Hot!

What's good loyal YBF readers? YA GIRL IS MAKIN HOT MOVES! I've been featued as the website of the day on the much respected website EURweb.com! Make sure ya'll visit the EURweb.com banner above or just click here. EURweb definitely helps satisfy my craving for black entertainment news.

Doin It Big

I've finally found an apartment! If ya'll only knew the level of drama and stress that I went through this weekend in Houston just to find an apartment...you would be worn out just listening. But the impossible became possible and I found a FABULOUS apartment that I can move in to next week. Shouts out to all the apartment complexes/businesses hookin New Orleans folks like me up in big ways. On to the gossip...

The Anorexic Watch Begins

Ok. For the daily Fashion Week gossip:

It's my belief that we, a community of gossip lovers, have a duty to perform. This duty is to be on anorexic watch on the celebs. At the Max Azria Fashion show, some people were looking skinnier than usual:

This Ought To Be Interesting

So Ms. Kimberly Jones has taped a reality show that'll prolly air during her stint in jail. Seeing that the below pic is an outtake of the show...I wonder if this reality show will be about more than her ASSets.

And speakin of the Queen Bee...here's some shots from her new video shoot with MJB:

Crackin Me Up

Wassup all my loyal YBF readers! Be sure to spread the word about this site to our friends, family, co-workers (ya'll know ya'll be bored at work), classmates, pets, errrybody. Keep the party goin!