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Jess Hilarious Tearfully Apologizes For Her Cringey Comments Mistaking Sikhs For Muslims During Flight Debacle

If she didn't know before, she certainly knows now. We hope. Comedian Jess Hilarious has been getting her a-- handed to her on social media.  She's being accused of being just as racist and bigoted as those who hate blacks and Christians.


Her cringey comments after a flight debacle and why folks still aren't here for her, inside.

NEW WORK! Issa Rae & LaKeith Stanfield Begin Shooting 'The Photograph' + Tika Sumpter To Star In Potential 'black-ish' Spin-Off + Terry Crews Is Ready For 'White Chicks 2'

Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield are currently filming their new film, The Photograph. Meanwhile, there's news that Tika Sumpter is joining Tracee Ellis Ross' "black-ish" spin-off, and Terry Crews is optimistic about a White Chicks sequel. Everything inside...

R. Kelly Denies Sleeping With Aaliyah's Mother + Alleged Audio Recordings Surface Of Kelly & Joycelyn Savage's Conversations

R. Kelly denies sleeping with Aaliyah's mom after one of his accusers revealed he told her he did. Also, alleged audio recordings of conversations between Kelly's girlfriend Joycelyn Savage have surfaced that contradict what the singer told Gayle King about their relationship. Everything inside...

Wendy Williams Admits She Now Lives In A Sober House & Has 24-Hour Sober Coach For Addiction, Kept It From Everyone Including Her Own Parents

Wendy Williams made a startling confession at the end of her show today that her fans may not be surprised to hear, but also may not have expected. Watch inside.


Paris Jackson Goes Off Again, Spotted On Movie Date With Boyfriend & Mötley Crüe Show After Denying Attempted Suicide Reports + Now Refusing Rehab?

After Paris Jackson's dust up with the tabloids this past weekend over an alleged suicide attempt, she's calling them out again for what she says are lies, and is allegedly refusing to go to rehab.


Deets inside.

OH? Howard University Reportedly Ranked As One Of The Fastest Growing 'Sugar Baby' Schools

College ain't cheap and students everywhere have found an interesting way to pay tuition.  According to a report, a growing number of students at a certain HBCU are going the sugar baby route. Deets inside...


BIG BANK! Jordyn Woods Laughs All The Way To The Bank As Lucrative Deals Roll In + Ray J's Raycon Has Already Reached $10 Milli In Sales

Jordyn Woods' career is about to take off following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Deets on her new deals, plus the latest on Ray J taking over the tech world inside...