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YBF Exclusive: GirlfriendsIs Over...And This Time It's Final!

An extremely credible source who works as part of the crew at Girlfriends has just broken the sad news to The YBF about Girlfriends.  Tonight's brand new back to back episodes were and will be the final episodes ever.  And the network is not even planning to tape a series finale.  The decision was made very last minute which is why these final episode were not advertised as such.

Music Fab: Trina's "Single Again" Video, Cherish Is "Killa" & Mya Does Broadway

Trina's video for "Single Again" made its World Premiere yesterday. For the eight of you who care...

Rihanna Involved In A Post-Grammy Car Crash+Christina Milian Has To Pay Up

Inside the Universal Music Group afterparty 
Right as Rihanna was leaving the Def Jam Grammy Afterparty in her car late last night, another car slammed into hers causing a frightful car wreck.  No one was injured but Rihanna's indeed shook up.  There's no word on if she was driving or not.  At least it wasn't a Lindsay/Paris event of drinking while coked up and driving. 

Grammy WTF Moments

{Thanks to ultimate-rihanna.com for the video}
What's really hood Solange?? Solo has proven why her ass needs to be around events like this even when she doesn't have a lick of a cd or single out. Unlike her sister, her "image" is irrelevant. Therefore, she can give a chick that "I will cut-a-b*tch" stare and it will be A-OK AND it will shine some real light on the situation. In case you missed it, folks have been buzzing about Solange's look to Rih Rih when she ran up to hug and grab Jay right before she ran on stage to accept her first ever Grammy for "Best Rap Song Collaboration". Folks say she bogarded the Jiggaman at his seat damn near knocking B in the face with her fist. And proceeded to yank Jay to the stage with her. The eye cutting no-this-b*tch didn't look on Solange's face was priceless....and let us all know that ish was not just for TV. And now we've got the video, so you be the judge. I will say that what folks are buzzing about was much more obvious while watching the actual show last night than in the above clip. Somebody please interview Solo about this situation since we all know she'll slip up and spill the beans. Stat! Before Papa Knowles gets his coaching on...

Grammy Afterparty Hoopla

I hear rumors of Jay leaving the Awards show with another chick floating around, and y'all knew that was coming. But it looks he and Beyonce were chillin' extra hard on the afterparty scene last night. 

50th Grammy Awards

  Because wearing a statement on the red carpet always wins over wearing a designer dress.  

Pre Grammy Fab

   Before the celebs hit up the Grammy Red Carpet last night, the cool kids hit up Clive Davis'annual Pre Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.