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Candid Coupledom

Couples were spotted everywhere this weekend: Kimora and Djimon hit up LAX to fly to NY this weekend likely to get a jumpstart on Fashion Week. But y'all already know KiKi's divatude was in full effect...yet again...while she tried to get her sh*tload of luggage through security. Paparazzi sources on the scene say she got all pissy because TSA was taking some time getting her way over the legal number of bags through security. And she kept asking "What's the problem?" like the rules weren't supposed to apply to her. She better include that Russey's private jet in her divorce papers if she wants to keep this mess up. Kim and Reggie are spending Labor Day weekend in L.A. while her sisters are partying it up in Vegas. Loving Kim's Louboutins. And we've finally spotted Gary Dourdan's girlfriend he's supposedly all extra smitten over: She's some "model chick"...surprise, surprise...who Gary has been crazy over and supposedly even proposed to her.  She went to Germany with him while he's there to film his new movie "Fire". More pics of these folks when you read the rest...  

Chrihanna Looking To Shack Up?

The rumor mill is spinning with word that Rihanna and Chris Brown are set to buy a L.A.

Ray-J Gets A Reality Show

  Somebody thought it was a good idea for Ray-J to cop his own reality show.  It's officially been green lighted and will air on VH1 in 2009.  And it's not just a reality show...it's a dating show a la "Flavor of Love".  The whackness has damn near peaked I see. Our sources in the production and programing deptartment of VH1 say no show title has been settled on yet, but it's definitely a go and they're casting potential love interests now.  Ew.   [Chris Brown and Rihann

Party Fab

Kerry Rhodes got mad groupie love (and love from a couple Danity Kane chicks and Teyana Taylor) at his b-day party this weekend with his fellow NFL friend Ruben Droughns.  But his real date was right by his side all night: I'm told he's been dating model Nicole Williams and he definitely wasn't scared to show it.  And apparently it was couples night as Johnny Legend brought along his girlfriend Christine:     I'm told they barely came up for air and were sucking face all night.  You're just trying way to hard John. And Ruben brought his main chick too. Well isn't that...special. And Porschla and Russey were reunited in the Hamptons while Kimmy partied in Jersey this weekend. Lots more pics from these parties when you read the rest...    

It's A Knowles Family Affair At J&R MusicFest

The Carters hit up J&R MusicFest in New York yesterday to catch lil sis Solange, Michelle, and Terrence Howard perform: Beyonce was looking extra laid back in jeans, red pumps, a plain grey tee, Ray Ban shades, and a scarf--like she usually does these days.  And Jay was clearly trying to dodge the cameras.  Probably because from the looks of it he hasn't had that head shaped up in a while.     Solange, Michelle, and T. Howard all took to the stage to perform their latest singles.  Can't say I would have been pressed to hit this ish up myself but to each her own...   Lots more pics from the concert when you read the rest...

Your Daily Dose Of Chrihanna

It's been a while since we've seen our fave BFF's with benefits, but Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted shopping it up on Melrose in Beverly Hills yesterday: Separately of course.  Rih Rih rocked those much coveted Balenciaga boots and Chris was looking quite yummy for the kid.     Rihanna had her brothers with her and Chris kicked it with his bodyguard.  Paparazzi sources on the scene tell us that the two purposely avoided being seen together and shopping on different blocks of the street.  but they surely chatted with each other almost the entire time on the cell.  Funny funny.   More pics when you read the rest...

Swizz Beatz Put No Money In The IRS Bank+Celebs Do FNMTV+MJB & Kendu Go To Dinner

Diddy, Cassie, Ne-Yo, Johnny Boy Legend, and LL all taped the finale of FNMTV yesterday to air tomorrow night: LOL at Cassie in the background probably waiting around for Diddy.  More pics from the taping after the jump.   And it looks like Swizz Beatz and his "estranged wife" Mashonda owe the IRS some serious change.  Actually it's $842,644.52 to be exact.  Damn!  And this IRS report all comes after Swizzy just came in at #13 on Forbes' Hip Hop Cash Kings list.  Somebody's lying around this piece.  And I doubt it's Uncle Sam.  Get it together peoples.   More pics from FNMTV and MJB and Kendu still on vacay when you read the rest...