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Legal Woes


T.I.'s Babies' Mama Wants More Mula+Weezy Has Issues With Mrs. Officer?+Flicks From Janet's Opening Night

The mother of T.I.'s oldest 2 children, Lashon Dixon, is suing Clifford for more child support.  She says the current $2000/month she gets for both boys just isn't cutting it and they need a raise.  It is a recession peoples.  According to the Associated Press, Lashon Dixon has been reportedly been receiving $2,000 a month for their two 7 and 8 year-old boys.

50 Cent Says He & His Son Spend QT With "Hoes"+Dame Dash's Custody Saga+More Party Pics

Oh 50. Did you really think nobody would catch you saying you and your son are going to go kick it with "some hoes" during your weekend with him? Peep the video here. News and paparazzi cameras were on the scene as 50 left the courthouse today as his child custody trial continues. And when 50 was asked what he and little Marquise would be doing, he said seeing "hoes", chillin' on video sets, etc. *blank stare* Just...wow. By the way, the judge also ordered the exchange of Marquise between Curtis and his child's mother Shaniqua to only happen at a police station. Y'all know sparks tend to fly when those two get pissy with each other. Literally. Drama! And also going through child custody drama is Damon Dash. A while back, a report was put out by his oldest son's mother, Linda, saying the conditions at Dame's home were deplorable and she didn't want their son Boogie living there. Dame has since said it was all lies, and he says Linda is holding his son hostage! Dame hasn't been able to see his son, and he and his lawyers ordered Linda to bring teenaged Boogie to court today. And the drama is now unfolding.... Here's more pics from last night's In Touch Weekly party: Oh really Kim Porter and New York?  I guess... More pics when you read the rest...

Gary Coleman Charged With Assault!+Ryan Leslie, Fabolous, & Cassie's "Addicted Remix" Video


Oprah's Mom Sued For Not Paying Her Bill!

The recession has even hit Oprah's mama. Lady O's mom, Vernita Lee, is being sued by high-end fashion store Valentina Inc. because of a past due bill of over $150,000. Vernita lives in Milwaukee and O is clearly not footing the bills of Vernita's open ended charge account with the store.

Jay-Z Answers Teairra Mari & Foxy+Floyd Gets Robbed For $7 Mill+R.Kelly's Got To Pay Ne-Yo $700k

  Jay-Z has responded to his former Roc princess Teairra Mari about her statement that he was wrong for not firing her personally.  Apparently she had to find out through other folks she was dropped from Def Jam, and she wanted hear that from Jay's mouth as she saw him like a father figure.  He has also responded to Foxy's claims that he was wrong for not calling/visiting her while she was in lock up since...in her head...they had a special bond.  He told Allhiphop.com:   As far as Foxy or Teairra Marì, these are people that I have given chances to. It’s understandable that they would be upset, but you got to look at it from my point of view as well.  I gave Teairra Marì the same shot I gave Rihanna. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.” You know that stuff is going to happen, eventually it’s going to happen.  What I’m happy about is, that no matter what people say, no one has ever said that I am dishonest or that I have taken one dime from them…I’ve never cheated anyone out of a dime. No one’s ever said that, right?” In other words, he really could give a damn what those two have to say.    Ne-Yo was awarded $700k in his lawsuit against R.Kelly.  Last year, the R pulled out the diva stops and dropped Ne-Yo from their nation wide tour with no warning.  Apparently R was jealous of Ne-Yo's stardum and he didn't want to share the flashing lights with him, but he let Keyshia Cole stay even though she was cuttin' up with her own diva antics.  Ne-Yo said he would sue the dude, especially since he's now lost respect for him as a man, and that he did.   More ish when you read the rest...  

Legal Woes

Jacksonville Jaguar Dennis Northcutt has had papers filed against him by his 7 months pregnant ex-girlfriend Sharri Henry, who says Dennis had his cousin brutally beat her up three months ago.  Per reports:   Sharri Henry alleges last May, when she was four months pregnant, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Dennis Northcutt got his cousin to "maliciously assault, beat, strike and batter Plaintiff, her face and head with great force and violence ...

Pay Your Taxes Ruben!

I guess Ruben Studdard hasn't been following the Wesley Snipes saga of getting caught up by Uncle Sam and the IRS folks.  Ruben reportedly owes $200,000 in income taxes to both the state of Alabama and the feds.