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Legal Woes


A Pregnant Lisa Bonet Out With Fam+50's House Fire Drama Delayed

Lisa Bonet was spotted out in NYC a few says ago again with her daughters Zoe and Lola.  And her future baby in her belly.  Theres no question about her pregnancy anymore.  And you heard about her pregnancy first here at TheYBF.com.  Even our fab commenters caught that preggers belly early in the game.  Congrats to Lisa!       So the drama in the

UPDATES: The Carters, Chudney Ross, 50 Cent & Morgan Freeman

I'm back!  I go away for one weekend and all hell breaks loose in celebritidom.  Check out the updates on the YBF folks and the latest drama:   The passenger/owner of the car involved in Morgan Freeman's accident this weekend has been revealed in the above pic.  She is the Demaris Meyer whose car Morgan was driving at the time of the accident.  According to TMZ, Demaris is a very close friend of Morgan's wife Myrna and is often seen at their house for get-togethers.  And after yesterday's horrible car crash, celebs are outpouring their prayers to him.  Rev. Diddy even offered his prayers via paparazzi video.  And Morgan's reps gave the following statement about his condition: "He has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage but he is in good spirits.  He is going to have surgery this afternoon or tomorrow to correct the damage. He says he'll be okay and is looking forward to a full recovery."   Get well soon Mr. Freeman.   And look who was all rosey and cuddly yesterday celebrating their 4 month wedding anniversary. {Go here for the pic} Of course it's The CartersBeyonce rocked a cute Barack Obama tee (with that Dolce and Gabbana bag that she must not understand I will hire someone to jack from her) while her hubby Jay rocked his usual white tee and jeans.  They looked quite happy out and about in the NYC yesterday.  Cute.    More updates on Chudney Ross and 50 Cent's baby mama drama when you read the rest...  

Legal Woes: Foxy, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, & 50 Cent+Rev. Al Doesn't Want To Dance

Everybody and their dog is having legal issues this week: Both Foxy B. and Lil Kim are being sued by publishing giant Simon & Schuster charging they never delivered on books they were paid to write - and kept the advance money.  Kim was tapped back in '03 to write an untitled novel and was given a $40k advance.  Foxy was tapped in '05 to write a novel tentatively titled "Broken Silence" and was given a $75k advance.  Needless to say they never wrote said books and just kept the money.  And from the looks of how things have been going for both of them...those publishers aren't getting that mula back any time soon.   Lil Wayne is being sued for Copyright Infringement by a publishing company who wrote a song for the Rolling Stones called "Play With Fire".  Apparently Weezy has ripped off the song and made an alternate version which was "explicit, sexist and offensive".   They're seeking unspecified damages. More ish when you read the rest...  

Legal Woes: Lil Scrappy & 50 Cent

  Rapper Lil Scrappy ended up in the slammer this weekend.  Here's the report: Lil' Scrappy is currently being held without bail at the Dekalb County Jail in Decatur, GA, following a late night altercation that left the young artist stabbed, but in stable condition the other night. While details of his arrest remain sketchy, the 24-year-old rapper, born Darryl Richardson, has been charged with firearm possession during a crime, marijuana possession, battery and obs

Robin Thicke's "Magic" Video+An Update On 50 Cent's Baby Mama Drama

Check out Robin Thicke's new vid for his single "Magic". Nice.

And 50 Cent has officially asked the judge for more time to see his son Marquise.

WTF Is Wrong With Michael Jackson?!+Queen Latifah In A Bike Accident!+Dr. King's Children At War!

What in the heezy is going on here? Michael Jackson was spotted being wheeled around in a wheelchair at his local Barnes and Noble bookstore yesterday and it left every patron who caught a glimpse of this quite confused.  Oh and it gets better.  While this time he was the one all covered up, his kids Paris, Prince, and Blanket were on full on exposure:

Wow. Here's a news snippet of the strange happenings yesterday:   Jacko was accompanied by his three children, Prince Michael, 11, Paris, 10, and six-year-old Prince Michael II, to the Barnes & Noble toy store in Vegas. Jackson used a minder to ferry him into the store and was accompanied by an additional entourage of eight but wheeled himself around inside. One shopper said: 'He looked a bit weird wheeling himself around covered up in a surgeon's mask. He was in the shop for about two hours in total. When they left, the children came out first and he was wheeled out behind them.' Medics say Jackson is suffering from back injuries following a career of extreme dance moves. Others say his metal set of wheels is used as a prop. Wow again.   Updates on the Kings' legal woes and Queen Latifah's bike accident when you read the rest...  

Legal Woes: Is Lenny Kravitz A Homewrecker?+Shante Broadus Gets DUI Charges Dropped

So while the A-Rod and C-Rod divorce happenings are heating up, it's still a toss up as to whether or not Lenny Kravitz has been actually cheating with Cynthia Rodriguez. Lenny says they're "just friends" and nothing more (the usual statement we hear right before they're caught on camera damn near having sex in a KFC). But pictures just released show that they have been together on a vacation or trip before. And also, she was set to go visit him on his tour in Spain while she was in Paris recently. I don't know about ya'll but I don't travel the world to go listen to a "friend" play when he lives in the same city as me. I'm just sayin... But it could just all be a spiteful rumor C-Rod put out there after the Madonna/A-Rod rumors hit. Either way, something's up with that Lenny and Mrs. C and I'm not taking a "just friends" for an answer. Because we all know a cheater will get left in the cold when it comes to alimony if that pre-nup is in order. And with that big ass contract A-Rod has I'm sure there's a pre-nup ready and waiting. But um, let me find out Lenny Kravitz is homewrecking around these parts....